Indecent Proposal First Meeting

No, it's not about Trump :>)

I have to say that I get misty reading the Indecent Proposal thread where so many lovely stories are unfolding.

Next, what was your first meeting with your soulmate you received your indecent proposal from.

Mine is uber-boring: when I got my first white collar job, my wife was my boss. Little has changed.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jul '17

So, did you get a promotion?

positive positive
Jul '17

My husband and I knew each other for years before we got together. I was married to someone else when we originally met through mutual friends. I would often see him when I went to Bernie's in Chester to see a band since that was his main hangout. But there was never any interest beyond just knowing him. After I split with my ex-husband, I bumped into him while out watching football with friends. We got to talking and he asked me to dinner. The rest is history.

Calico696 Calico696
Jul '17

heh, heh, should I feign misunderstand for an apology demand? (kidding poetically).

No, but I did get a rise, I mean raise.....

And that's how we met. There's year's more beyond the first meeting, different relationships, different jobs, different towns, before we really related, lived together and thus, the indecent proposal. We were both very patient in our youth :>) (just continuing the overall drift Pos :>)

And you say: "You call that patience do you :>)"

And I say: how insightful, yes, her name is Patience so, yes, I still have a lot of patience even to this day. (still kidding)

And you say....... (hagn)

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jul '17

We met on Craigslist. My partner was new to the state and was looking for a hiking buddy. Met at the Crossroads Diner (how apropos) and went for a walk after breakfast. The rest as they say is history.

Met my first husband in high school.......he was holding a photo of Jerry Garcia and i just went over and asked if he could get me a day a friend and I talked very loud, in front of him......that we were going to cut school the next day and hitch hike to Rutgers to by Dead tickets..he fell for it and offered to drive us down....1 Grateful Dead ticket..a couple of six packs.......and a very indecent proposal later....we got married a few years later and were together 13 years. Still love him and wish him the best but when the "sex, drugs and rock and roll did we :( BUT still married to my second husband for the last 22 years!

littlelu littlelu
Jul '17

The story we tell everyone is that we met in a grocery store in Newton when I was 16 (he was 20....yes I know...a lot older for me being 16 haha). The reality is that we had our 1st meeting in a grocery store, but actually met through Yahoo Chat haha. We ended up being friends for 6 years until we started dating. Dated for 7 and been currently married for 3.

sunshinenj sunshinenj
Jul '17

My husband and I met in high school by a mutual friend. Actually saw him playing drums and knew I would marry him. Been together ever since.

infogirl infogirl
Jul '17

My husband went to grade school with my older brother. Used to come around the house a lot. I hated him at first, but at 16 things changed (hormones, I'm guessing). He was one of two of my brother's friends who had an interest in me. My brother and some kids kept the other guy busy outside my house, so my now husband could come in and ask me out. We've been married 45 years. Sometimes, my husband reminds me when I get a little annoyed with him that I could have married that other guy!!

Scott Muney (famous NY radio disk jockey) came to Morristown for a gathering at the school. I went with a friend. Spotted this guy and ended dancing with him.

He asked if we could meet again. I said only if my pet dog could join us. We went to "Sip and Sup" on Rt 10 for a milkshake.

He asked my father 1 year later for his blessings.

On this evening (while talking to my father) I went and had my ears pierced and when I came home he presented me with a small box. ..

In it was a pair of diamond earrings.

We have been married 51 plus years..

Bernie Bernie
Jul '17 husband and I met in yahoo chat too!

HappyTeacher HappyTeacher
Jul '17

Re: Indecent Proposal First Meeting

How we met

Lamppost Lamppost
Jul '17

well...! We were both second time arounders. Knew we were perfect for each other within 3 weeks. Engaged after 3 months. Now been married for 10 years and looking forward to as many more as we can get. Funny how that time just flies by when you're happy.

Always think how blessed we were to find each other that way. We lived 15 miles apart for most of our lives but never would have met if not for match!

hktownie hktownie
Jul '17

My husband and I met at a nightclub in New Haven, CT. We were both students at a local university, me in the law school, he in the Masters program. We kind of just locked eyes across the dance floor and got to talking. It was pretty close to love at first sight. We were basically inseparable from that moment on. In December it will be 13 years since that day.

Prior to meeting him, I had done a bit of online dating, unsuccessfully, and I was just not feeling the dating scene anymore. My law school buddies had practically dragged me out that night because we had just finished a semester of classes and wanted to celebrate before prepping for finals. Never did I expect I would meet my husband and the father of my children that night.

Tracy Tracy
Jul '17

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