Local Family Lawyer?

Can anyone recommended me to a local family lawyer that will not charge me consultation fee.

roger roger
May '17

I have just recently used Stephanie Tettemer for a family matter. She was great, very professional and knows her stuff! She is located in Belvidere across the street from the court. The first consultation is free. Her phone number is (908) 475-0026.

A quick note to keep in mind - I went to a free consultation lawyer once, and ended up retaining them to work on a case.

I was surprised to find out that I was billed for an additional quarter hour due to the free consultation running 45 minutes instead of the allotted 30 minutes. If I knew this upfront I would have limited my questions / chatting and just ended things at the 30 minute mark.

This may be common knowledge for others, but it was my first lawyer experience.

May '17

I went to an attorney to work out a custody agreement. He chatted with me for 45 minutes about my profession, he had all kinds of questions about it, it had nothing to do with my custody case, he was just curious about it. The a-hole billed me for it! Needless to say, I told him I was not paying for it.

Jesse134 Jesse134
May '17

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