Power outage in Independence 5/18

You have to love living on Petersburg. Ketcham, or Ridge in Indy. Lots of outages. Wonder what this time?

May '17

I might love living on Ridge if this didn't happen so very often. JCPL should be ashamed of their horrible performance in this area. This is twice in a very short period of time that there has been an outage on Petersburg, Ketchum and Ridge. At least twice over the years a JCP&L rep said the trouble was attributable to Squirrels on the line.

MrsPipes MrsPipes
May '17

Power now out on Mt. Ras call also. Went out around 6:15.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
May '17

Thank you Fishmaker1 for posting this as i am in Rockaway and my 92 year old mom is in Independence. I CALLED JCNPL from work all is good! Except for why this keeps happening!

L in Independence L in Independence
May '17

Infrastructures are extremely old ...this will be more frequent as the temps go up.

The power companies are spending as little as possible.

Steven Steven
May '17

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Re: Power outage in Independence 5/18
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