Beloved Black Squirrel

Wondering if anyone has seen a black squirrel in Hackettstown recently? I had one living near my house in the Washington St/ Warren St. / Madison area. He was delightful and would gladly enjoy nuts i left for him. There are very few black squirrels in the area and this little guy was last seen in February. Im hoping he is fine....and the trees were just greener a few blocks away. Has anyone seen George Washington a beloved black squirrel?

Is this real?

I have only seen black squirrels in Canada.

There are black squirrels in NJ.

Jesse134 Jesse134
Apr '17

I was on the phone with my friend today and she looked out her window and said she had a black squirrels in her back yard. She lives in the area of Bells Lane. So I guess he's the one your looking for!

We had Black squirrels growing up in Elizabeth. On pair lived in our garage.

Old Gent Old Gent
Apr '17

My sister in Philly has one that visits. She calls him "Nipsey."

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Apr '17

Last seen jogging down Main with an elevation mask on.

We had one in our backyard last week in Great Meadows off Alphano. Had never seen one before. Really cool!

Sycamore Sycamore
Apr '17

Old Gent: I'm from Elizabeth too; lived on
Fay Avenue.

Curiouser and curiouser, the topics being posted. ;-)

I don't know about any squirrels named George Washington specifically, but if you are in need of a black squirrel fix, go to Burger King, pull in the back of the parking lot in the corner. Turn off your car and wait a minute. There are tens of them there. (A friend tipped me off to them years ago when I was actively photographing wildlife.)

Rebecka Rebecka
Apr '17

Ooh the Bells Lane sighting seems promising. Thats not far. And yes...this is real. I grew very fond of my first black squirrel. Thanks for the replies

Ummmm. But like. It might not be the same squirrel :-/

I saw one about two weeks ago running across the playground at Heaven Sent nursery school on Washington. First time I ever saw one!

Kelly1 Kelly1
Apr '17

Re: Beloved Black Squirrel

Brings back memories of my pet squirrel actually

There is a black squirrel who comes to our squirrel proof bird feeder every morning for quite some time now. He is the only squirrel so far that has figured out how to get bird seed. He's very clever and the gray squirrels stay on the ground underneath enjoying the seeds he knocks down. I'm in Kenwood, so it could be the same one.

I have 3 in my yard at times, Washington & Warren. Started setting late fall, and up to 3 some up on regular basis at my bird feeders, peanut offerings. George may be one of them. Love all their antics.

I saw a black squirrel for the first time last year. He was eating fries out of the McDonald's garbage can.

Sunshine Sunshine
Apr '17

There are lots of black squirrels in the Bronx where I grew up. I have yet to see one in Hackettstown.

happiest girl
Apr '17

I will verify the black squirrels in the fields behind Burger King , who wander up into the James Court Area. We have had them frequent both front and back yards for easily 10 years now.

Dansker Dansker
Apr '17

Re: Beloved Black Squirrel

Saw one on the grounds of the Presbyterian church on Main street a few weeks ago. I had previously only seen them in the Bronx.

Dancicus Fighticus Dancicus Fighticus
Apr '17

I saw him the other day in the development behind mamas today. Sorry just moved to the area don't know names of streets.

Joey C
Apr '17

I've spotted a red squirrel lately at our place in LV.

Blackcat Blackcat
Apr '17

Re: Beloved Black Squirrel

I took a photo of this one a couple of weeks ago, right by the first apartment building on the corner of Bell's Lane and Washington St. I don't see too many of them over here, but saw tons of them when I visited Canada.

we have gray squirrels, red squirrels, flying squirrels, an albino squirrel at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary (and hundreds of orphaned babies we're caring for)

4catmom 4catmom
Apr '17

There is one in my neighbor's backyard on Arthur Terrace. He hangs around the High School property too.

Apr '17

Sycamore!!! :
we also live on alphano and as of this past fall we have 1 black squirrel that i see daily in our yard. its so cool. i had also never seen one before this. i look forward to seeing him everyday when i walk my dog around the property!

Apr '17

Re: Beloved Black Squirrel

I saw one behind McDonald's - poor guy, his tail was kind of sparse.

jennymc jennymc
May '17

Love the action shot, Jenny! Wonder why the poor fellow's tail is so bare. Looks like he traded tails with a opossum.

Rebecka Rebecka
May '17

George Washington spotted skillfully scampering upon the fence top posts. Looking as lovely as ever this afternoon. And was the same black squirrel but older and one winter wiser

I live in the Madison st / Warren area, my back yard buts up along Morgan field. Have had a black a black squirrel in the yard just making the rounds of the yard. Had not seem him since, which was almost 2 yrs ago. Definitely a really cool sight to see!

Just saw my first black squirrel in pompton lakes NJ. I thought I was seeing things. He was in the jughandle on the northbound side of route 23. Majewstic!

Mary Majewski Mary Majewski
Jun '19

I saw the black squirrel on Plane St. last week, between Washington and Main. I had never seen one before!

Jun '19

Could this squirrel be mixed with a black rodent?

Hackresident Hackresident
Jun '19

We have a black squirrel in our yard sometimes. We live near main st.

Jun '19

I have a few black squirrels in my yard....I’ll get a pic when I can,I’m by the Legion.

I just saw a Black Squirrel Saturday when I was walking my Dad out to his car after he visited my place on Saturday, Nov. 30. It was about 3PM or so. I told him I'd just seen one and he was somewhat incredulous because he'd never seen either a Black one or an Albino before. It scooted behind something, but then emerged in front of it, where I was then able to point it out to him..Kind of a nice treat to see on the day before he turned 89! The squirrel looked to be in great shape too, but unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get a pic before it disappeared behind a shed.

This was in the same general area as Rich had seen it, the wooded area between Greenview Gardens, Victoria Village and the houses on Bell's Lane.

Phil D. Phil D.
1 week ago

I have a few in my yard almost daily...I gotta get a pic,every time I run to get the phone and snap a pic they’re gone.

Re: Beloved Black Squirrel

I've see one a few times along the treeline behind Hatchery hill school. Nice looking little guy...

6 days ago

Re: Beloved Black Squirrel

Here’s a good one!

Independent observer Independent observer
5 days ago

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