Pandan room fans

Just for fun!
Looking for recommendations for someone who has never tried Pandan room fare...

If you wanted a good "sample" of the best from Pandan room - but no super spicy dishes please - what 3-4 dishes would you recommend? appetizers?

5-spice beef noodle with the green basil curry. (you can specify the amount of spice, don't let the name scare you lol)

Whatever you do, GET the Thai Wings!!!!! Best wings in town, yes- better than anything Marley's has on it's huge wing menu. I could eat JUST the things for an entire dinner.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
April 18th

If they still offer Dim Sum on Sundays that would be a great way to try many appetizers.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
April 18th

If a person likes pork chops, I highly suggest getting the ones from Pandan room. Thinly sliced chops cooked in a tangy sweet sauce - they are awesome.

April 18th

First do some appetizers. You can get all of them at a weekend brunch for sure, only you wouldn't get those great entrees. Try some of the soups or satay which is the grilled skewers, or the ginger dumplings. My personal favorite app is roti canai which is an Indian style flat bread with creamy curry sauce for dipping.

Next You should try at least one curry, they are all good but my favorite is the Beef Rendang which is super tender and very exotic spices. It's not heat spices, but if you are trying to avoid something with spices you're not familiar then it might not be for you.

As an alternative curry try either the green curry which is Thai basil and eggplant, or the Balinese that has pineapple in it that lessens the spice level.

Third you need to try at least one noodle dish - Pad Thai is the national dish which has small thin rice noodles and tamarind sauce which is a bit on the sweet side. That's the best noodle starting point, but if you know the Chinese wide noodles then you can also try Pad Siew which is what they call it in Thailand.

Last I would suggest bang bang chicken. It's in a peanut and coconut milk sauce and very popular.

Second on the dim sum. Food is excellent and it allows you to try a lot of different options, including the Thai wings. I recommend the duck spring rolls and the scallion pancakes. I also like pad kee mao, or drunken noodle, but that might be too spicy for you.

Dancicus Fighticus Dancicus Fighticus
April 18th

Chicken curry puffs! Man, now I need to go there for lunch.

love their coconut shrimp rolls (and I am really not a shrimp fan, but these are amazing)
the pork shank special was delicious also.

our favorite main meal that everyone loves is the masaman curry or masaman duck, both incredible!

their chai tea is also delicious!

Htownmom Htownmom
April 18th

Love their bang bang chicken. And the corn fritters in the summer when they use Donaldson's corn are excellent!

Htown Resident Htown Resident
April 18th

Go to Thai Kitchen in Chester - it makes Pandan look like a JOKE.

April 18th

Where to start; everything there is so good. I'll pick a few, including appetizers: chicken curry puffs, corn fritters, spring rolls, masaman curry (not spicy at all, just very flavorful - and Thai/Indonasian curries are very different from Indian ones), chicken or beef satay. Someone mentioned beef rendang; I have had this twice; it's very good, but I wish it were more exotic. It's very tender, delicious stew, but it could almost be American. But if your friend is very skittish, it might be a good starting point.

Now I'm hungry and craving Pandan room, haha.

GetOverYerself GetOverYerself
April 18th

"Go to Thai Kitchen in Chester - it makes Pandan look like a JOKE."

There's one (at least) in every crowd.... you forgot to add "IMO" lol

I guess that's why the PR stays packed, and reservations are highly recommended on weekend nights....

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
April 18th

Thai Kitchen is straight up Thai plus no Dim Sum. The Dim Sum is tops at Pandan Room.

Yes. Don't forget that the Pandan room is Thai and Indonesian; this is why it's difficult to compare them to Thai kitchen in Chester. Very different menus.

Hypocrites Stink Hypocrites Stink
April 18th

Lol confusing title. I thought you were posting about room fans from a brand named Pandan.

April 18th

Love Thai Kitchen and Aoyama in Wyckoff

4catmom 4catmom
April 18th

The Thaiella at Pandan is the best. You can get it at all degrees of heat in the curry, including mild. Fresh seafood, generous portion, and a great sample. Also, their sampler plates for appetizers are a good starting point.

Place is great. They still do dim sum on Sunday. Their other restaurant (Topo) is also great.

April 18th

I love Thai Kitchen too! I haven't tried the place in Wyckoff but will check it out the next time I am in that area!

Beef Rendang
Tom Yun soup (Shrimp)
Also the chicken with coconut milk soup

Try all of their Curries.

BrownEyesGuy BrownEyesGuy
April 20th

Great responses - thank you! We have quite a list!

Re: Pandan room fans

Got this chicken from Pandan recently. What's the blue marks?

TigerFan1 TigerFan1
3 weeks ago

I just tried their crab curry the other day and it was awesome! Highly recommend!

Blue coloring is from cooked red cabbage they Sautée those items. If you Blanche red cabbage it gives off a blue color. There food at pan dam is great!

George Cooper George Cooper
3 weeks ago

Sorry but Pandan is not one of our favorites... Not a fan of the close seating and the food is a little weird tasting.The noodles always seem slimy and veggies are pretty limp. Wish we had a better review... know it's a totally different ball game, but you have to try a Taste of India in Flanders... That's some great food and the service can not be beat!!!

Thinking of Spring Thinking of Spring
3 weeks ago

I gave Pandan at least three tries - with 3 different friends.......none of us impressed

Agreed - Pandan to my husband & neighbors is hit or miss. Drunken shrimp are real good & also some of the apps. The dinners though - I find the veggies over-cooked.

My current addiction is Red Lantern. Amazing food - really unusual to find delicious Japanese, Thai, & Chinese at one place. If you guys haven't tried it yet, you should. Only negative is that it's not a BYO. They serve wine, saki, & beer. No alcohol.

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