Night clubs, dancing for Baby Boomers?

Is there any local night clubs that plays BABY BOOMER music to dance to? Why aren't there any?

Jean Shepherd Jean Shepherd
Mar '17

I remember the "old folks" going to Jitterbugs at the Clinton Holiday Inn to go dancing, but that was a few years ago. Not sure what they're doing there now...

ianimal ianimal
Mar '17

You could try Classic Ballroom in Hastings Plaza. They have open parties every Friday and Saturday night where people dance to music from all time periods and genres including 50's 60's and 70's music. I don't know if that's the kind of thing your looking for specifically but hopefully that helps. :)

Happyfarmer Happyfarmer
Mar '17

Wish the Nook was still around!

Mar '17

We'll second the recommendation on Classic Ballroom at Hastings Square. Fun crowd and good music.

b1rd1e b1rd1e
Mar '17

Too many lawyers in our area.The Nook had cops from 3 counties waiting to pull people over.That was a fun place though!

There is an oldies/doowop group, "DESIRE " that plays locally and around the ABE area and often they are dancing events. More info ( you can get on email list) via:

EMAIL ... or


A youtube video:

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
Mar '17

Pavinci's in Hopatcong has bands and a great dance floor. They usually get a pretty good crowd of baby boomers. The schedule should be posted on their website.

kkjones25 kkjones25
Mar '17

I think "Desire Oldies" came to the summer programs that the Town of Hackettstown used to have.

There is a group that DONALDSON's had a couple of times called LAST KALL. They sometimes play in Dover and Lake Hopatcong. Good music of the '60's and 70" also.

Bernie Bernie
Mar '17

Dancing is great...just a reminder though...avoid dancing on Good Friday as it's coming up....that's a day that should be observed and hopefully the local discos are closed in honor of it...

Hank Arthur
Mar '17

Hank, why should discos and dancing halls be closed then?

btownguy btownguy
Mar '17

And why exactly should we observe Good Friday? Not everyone in the state of NJ is a practicing christian (catholic or protestant).

bemused bemused
Mar '17

Hank is an odd sort of troll or spam bot with nonsensical comments, please ignore

Mar '17

@Hank Arthur, the kids of Bomont strongly disagree!

Scottso Scottso
Mar '17

Here it is another request for info to enjoy themselfs, I was anxious to see the suggestions..and it how did it become a Good Friday..better not dance issue...Know why so many just stopped trying to offer info...

Hi kepa...sorry wasn't quicker....had to look up what those terms meant...I'm not either of them just an old timer who likes to see what's going on in the world and add a few far as troll...the internet lingo says I'm looking to provoke an emotion....not sure what emotion or cord I struck with you.....obviously your feelings have been effected and for that I'm sorry.....hope you have a good night....

Hank Arthur
Mar '17

All I can say about that is "Tanzverbot"

Yes ! Jitterbugs at the One 11 Bar inside the Holiday Inn Clinton is still open! DJs most weekends for Dining/Dancing /Drinking@!
We play 70's 80s 90s and more !

Ray Reins Ray Reins
Jul '19

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