Question for Petite Ladies

Where do you find clothes around here? I'm 5 foot tall and have so much trouble finding jeans, capris, dresses etc. I'm so sick of having to pay to have things hemmed. Many times even "short" length pants are too long for me. Most of the stores around here have such a small selection of petite clothing and sadly much of it is "frumpy". Thanks for any tips.

Calico696 Calico696
Mar '17

I knew someone who bought from the children's section.

happiest girl
Mar '17

I'm 4'11" and probably a bit older than you, Calico696, and find the same. Most petite department clothes are frumpy. I have found petite skinny ankle pants work the best for me. No need to ever hem them. I try to go to stores like Century 21 or Nordstrom Rack to find more up to date styles.

Calico, I found the most perfect, most wonderful pair of jeans that fit us short gals at Kohls. They are the only pair of jeans I wear now and I have multiple pairs in multiple colors. They are simply Vera Wang skinny, petite. Check them out!!

I'm 4'10 and I buy regular capri jeans which fit perfectly right down to my ankle. I mostly stick to skinny capris. Obviously on an average person they fit to their calf. Last pair I bought 2 months ago at Old Navy and they fit great. Also shop the juniors section in stores and the petite section in Kohls. Dresses I have to shop juniors section.

Mar '17

I never shop - hate it - only buy from Lands End and LL Bean - they have XSP - I'm 4'9 and 115 lbs - extra small petite fits me fine. Dresses, pants, skirts, shirts, all good.

PS I'm 83.

Well ladies have you tried the PA outlets and checkout Calvin - Tommy - exc...exc...worth a try ;) ps... my Petite wife (aka "the little lady") has had pretty good luck there...

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Mar '17

QVC has a nice selection of petite options.

Happycamper Happycamper
Mar '17

JJill - Chester - getting in more petites - theirs work for me
also Macy's has a large petite department - at least the one in Willowbrook Mall does - so I assume the same in the Rockaway Mall

4catmom 4catmom
Mar '17

Calico, You and I are pretty much the same size and weight. It is so hard finding clothes to fit. I sometimes find jeans in J.C. Penney's girls department; depending upon the jeans the size 12 or 14 slim may fit. Sometimes I find Junior's in Kohls that fit. In other stores I look for "skinny" jeans/capri's. The Vera Wang skinny petites sound good. Also sz 0 or 2 in other types of pants, like capris for taller women, sometimes (but rarely) fit. I buy dresses in Junior's sizes in Kohl's and Target. Oddly, I usually don't like petite styles, and they don't usually fit well. It really is difficult trying to spend my $$ on clothes. Good luck to all us "little gals."

MrsPipes MrsPipes
Mar '17

5 ft, 102 lbs, found shopping juniors (short) sizes works for me but hard to find. I guess when we find something that fits, we stock up. Shop the children dept. size 12 or 14, if you can find preteen sizes they work to. Petite sizes are like Grandma cloths from the 50's

I found perfect fits at Express at Rockaway. The brand is called Editor. Lord and Taylor in Rockaway also has a great petite department. It's worth spending a little more bc their clothes last.

Calico, I've got BAGS of clothes that weeanimalette has outgrown if you want to try some of them on (-;

ianimal ianimal
Mar '17

OMG LMBO they might just fit Calico!

Petite and with the most amazing hair I've ever seen. Hard not to be jealous. ;-)

Rebecka Rebecka
Mar '17

OMG, ianimal, baby clothes!!
I just spit water everywhere.

happiest girl
Mar '17

I like Talbots in Morristown, south of on 202/Mt. Kemble. Not huge petites section but nice freestanding store. Sometimes I start in the Chester strip mall Talbots and then work down to Morristown which is larger with different inventory. Don't carry business suits anymore though, a vanishing style apparently.

L&T nice too but liked it better before they moved into the mall. Used to get many a men's suit there too when they private-labelled HSM's. Also used to offer the Haspel; the world's best "wash and wear" summer suit. If you can do the wash, the Haspel is the way to go for summertime.

And yes, I enjoy shopping for women's petites. Strangerdanger still, I am actually quite good at it.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Mar '17

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I will look into them.

ianimal - I think I might be a tad bigger than that adorable daughter of yours though. :-)

Calico696 Calico696
Mar '17

Kohls! I love Vera Wang's petite dress pants and jeans!

I have the same problem... I have great luck at the outlets in the poconos huge selection of small sizes. Ann Taylor, the loft and banana republic

Soo me Soo me
Mar '17

I buy my pants from Old Navy, their petite length is only about an inch and a half too long so I just deal with it.

Sometimes I have to shop in the juniors section for my size and usually they're crazy long so those pants I have my mom hem. Thanks ma!

The Chef Wives Club The Chef Wives Club
Mar '17

"And yes, I enjoy shopping for women's petites. Strangerdanger still, I am actually quite good at it."

Where do you get your other accessories?
Will you please submit a picture of yourself in your regalia?

The Man The Man
Mar '17

I am just under five feet tall and I weigh 90 pounds. Petite extra small from Kohls or Target or Lands End fit me good for tops. But for pants, even a double zero is too big. I tried every store in NJ and PA and could not find a pair that fits. Lately I've been buying my pants from the girls department, a girls size 12 or 14 (depending on the style) fits well.
The only problem I have is that I am too old to wear a lot of the styles in the girls departments and a lot of the pants have the adjustable grow waist. But Target online and
J C Penny on line have pants from a company called Beyer California that have no grow waist, no flowery embroidery, no studs and no pre-made holes. They have several colors, but no jeans. I'm still looking for jeans that fit.

pamela pamela
Mar '17

I went to Boscov's today at the Palmer Mall today on the suggestion of a poster who emailed me. They do have the largest, non-frumpy petite dept. I have seen in years. However, the smallest size they carry in pants is a 4 and I need a 2. For those petites who are size 4 or larger, take a ride. Tons of stuff to be had at good prices.

Calico696 Calico696
Mar '17

I'm 5 ft 100lbs..I always shopped at Junior department and buy my jeans at Junior store. because they have 00S skinny jeans and Jeggings..I shopped at Kolhs at Junior department but don't like their jeans. Just really need to look especially shopping at Junior department appropriate clothing for our age.I'm 39 so i have to consider that. Forever 21 has XS. Good luck i know how you feel been there before and frustrated the store i love to shopped closed then i have to start looking again..H&M , American Eagle, Aeropostale

I too am under five feet. I find petite at Talbots, Macy's Lord and Taylor. With Macy's I do a lot of online shopping and have never had a problem with how things fit. If you like the Short Hills mall, Nordstroms and actually you can get good deals at Bloomingdales too

Htownlifer Htownlifer
Mar '17

Great suggestions! I also like Dress Barn at Rockaway mall. I like to shop at Boscovs, JC Penney, Kohl's, and Talbot's. Sometimes the ankle pants at Van Heusen at Lafayette village (PS I heard they are getting a gap). Good luck and happy hunting.

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