Sunny Days Day Care

Just wondering if anyone can give me any feedback on Sunny Days as I am considering sending my granddaughter there. Thanks in advance!

All 3 of our children attended Sunny Days since moving to Hackettstown in 2011. They were in for a few years and now attending elementary.

The staff were always pleasant and accommodating to our children and more so to our special needs son. Never had an issue and I would recommend them.

Thanks Jeff, appreciate your feedback! I have an appointment on Monday.

I thought they were rude, and the place was filthy. I wouldn't recommend it

Soccermom12 Soccermom12
Mar '17

Stacy-I received your pm and tried to respond but it came back as undeliverable. Do you have another email?

iris - Check your email headers. Usually there is a "reply-to" as well as the "from". The PM is made to fool spammers so that a regular email program would still be able to reply correctly. But once in a while there is an old style system that won't respond correctly. If you just look at the headers, you will see the return email and be able to manually put that email in instead.


Thanks GC, I'll try that.

Liberty Learning Center is the best. We have tried both. No comparison.

Justamom Justamom
Mar '17

Our daughter went here for preschool and I can't say enough good things about this place. She loved her teacher and learned very much.. we felt she was well taken care of and never had any issues.. I highly recommend Sunny Days

LuLu22 LuLu22
Mar '17

there a place on newburg
road that's really good a2zlearning academy. I recommend that place.

tammy herring tammy herring
Mar '17

Liberty Learning Center is amazing.

AN2017 AN2017
Mar '17

Sunny Days on Main Street is fantastic! From the teachers to the building, the new owner has really made significant changes. The curriculum, training and cleanliness are unsurpassed. YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL BE WELCOMED WITH SMILES! Definitely go and meet Shanda, the new owner! You will not be disappointed!

Jamie Jamie
Apr '17

All three of my children went to Sunny Days...they were loved and cared learned skills for kindergarten. It's the people that truly make up the quality of a daycare/preschool; and their people are great!

Ok so it looks like there are a lot of moms recommending sunny days. It looks great minus the lack of playground. My other option is a to z learning. Any new updates about this new center? We were there when it was kiddie u and left. I'm wondering how their pre k is?

Do the kids have outside time at Sunny Days?

HappyTeacher HappyTeacher
Jun '17

As far as I know it's just smaller then I want. It's a corner of a parking lot. Other then that it seems amazing.

I sent my grandkids there last summer for the summer camp for 10 weeks , they loved it and did so many wonderful things , Highly recommend A 2 z ,,,,DD

If sunny days has new owner I'd def consider it! The owners before were a joke!

I really like a2z there a good a really good school. the teacher are great and the rates are good.

tammy herring tammy herring
Jun '17

We are about to take our child OUT of Sunny Days, but are waiting for the the right time to tell the director Shanda. I think we will finish this month and then stop. Shanda is never there when I drop off or pick up my child, and the teacher never have the answers to any of my questions. No one even answers the phone when I try to call. I started waiting in the hallway to listen to what the kids were doing in the classroom at pick up time, hoping to hear my child having fun with the other kids. I was shocked when I starting realizing I heard more teachers yelling at kids instead. It was in most of the classrooms too. Then they’re always just sitting down and not doing anything with the kids. What kind of people work with kids without smiling? I had my fair share of babysitting and daycare hours when I was in my 20s, so I know kids are challenging. But even the main teachers are always miserable too. They tell me all the great things that the class is doing and that they go outside every day and have different centers, and Shanda says this too. But when we get home it’s the same responses to me questions. Did you play outside today? No. What did you get to play with at centers? Cars, blocks, kitchen. Did you color at all? No. Have story time? No. And so on and son on. What kind of preschool program is this? The only reason I have let my child stay through their nonsense is because the other kids are such sweet friends and I always hear about them on the ride home each day. But after just hearing that the two teachers quit in the same week, we are leaving for a better and more stable place.

Concerned Mom
Apr '19

Unfortunately I had the same experience. Shanda is wonderful. But I was glad when it was over. They have a ciriculum but not sure they actually stick to it. Teachers were miserable. I noticed college kids doing a lot of sitting as well. As I said it’s a daycare not a school. I kept her in as well for the kids and friendship. But compared to pumpkin patch it’s better. That place literally smells and wasn’t impressed. It’s unfortunate. I’m almost tempted to open up my own daycare center.

hcktownparent hcktownparent
Apr '19

I should add voice your concerns with Shanda first. She’s very responsive. See if that gets you a response.

hcktownparent hcktownparent
Apr '19

If you are doubting things it's time to remove your child. Dont wait or speak to the owner, if she really cared something would have already changed.

Apr '19

Klllllllaaaaaaassssssyyy kiiiiiiiddddddsss!!!
Highly recomend...wonderful,engaging staff. Both my kids absolutely loved it there

We are at the learning experience and we are happy there. I get pics throughout the day with her painting, coloring, playing outside, and playing with her friends.

When i pick her up she’s not in a hurry to leave

Nosila Nosila
Apr '19

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