Instant Pot

Does anyone use the Instant Pot or a programmable pressure cooker. Like? Hate? Easy to use? Easy to clean? Any great recipes to try?

Oh I thought this was something else...

HappyTeacher HappyTeacher
January 10th

...says HappyTeacher......and now we know why....

This thread might get interesting, always looking for new recipes...

JWolfe75 JWolfe75
January 10th

love it - what you want to cook - I am a font of all knowledge - have the 8 qt

check her out on youtube - pressure cooker for life!! lol

I knew, but I forget, and now I am hungry.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
January 10th

I got one a few weeks ago. Very easy to clean. So far I have made a few things in it and I like it, but I'm having a hard time figuring out timing of meals since it always take a different length of time to come to pressure. I find removing some items from it are difficult, depending on size. I need to get some of the recommended tools and accessories. Tomorrow night's dinner is going to be done in the Instant Pot.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
January 10th

Been considering one, would be interesting to hear more.

I have been considering the 8 qt. A standard pressure cooker scares me, but this sounds safer. My grandmother used a pressure cooker all the time and every meal was delicious and quick.. With our busy lives, this is sounding like an option for healthy meals quicker.

They have a locking collar on the lid - can't happen with these

I got one for Christmas (the 6 qt) and I've used it at least 15 times already. There is no shortage of good recipes on the internet, and even the recipes that come with the cooker are very good. (Unlike most of those recipe books included with appliances.)

Read the instructions! It's unlike any other device you have, and there are a few important things you will want to be aware of. It is multi-functional and once you've got everything prepped and the lid is closed, you can truly just 'set it and leave it.'

I've cooked stew, soup, mashed potatoes, oatmeal (steel cut), meatballs and chicken dishes, just to name a few. It does a great job with hard boiled eggs. The only thing I've been disappointed with is fresh green vegetables, unless you like yours soft. But I only tried those once, so some more experimentation is needed.

As far as the name, Happy Teacher, my favorite slogan parody that I've heard so far is "Uber for Weed."

The Instant Pot company has a facebook page called Instant Pot Community (picture of the Instant Pot as their cover photo) which has very useful information and recipes. Great place to ask questions and learn new things.

Mrs. Resident Mrs. Resident
January 11th

I bought one a few months ago and love it! Check out for some recipes too - healthy takes on some favorite recipes and she's adapted many for the Instant Pot. A couple of good recipes from that site that I've made recently are the Beef & Tomato Acini di Pepe soup and Salisbury Steak meatballs. Enjoy yours!

I just got the Instant Pot. I think it's great!!!

Michele B Michele B
January 13th

Make some ribs in it with apple juice - fall off the bone good

I love mine!!!

Flo has a lot of good recipies

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