Groups Meeting to Deal With Grief?

The husband of a friend of mine passed away unexpectedly on Christmas Eve. She is having a terrible time trying to cope, and I was hoping someone on here might know of any groups which meet to talk out their feelings and be there for each other for mutual support. I have called the hospital to ask there, but the woman I spoke to has not yet called me back. Thank you all for any input you might have.

Lorraine Lorraine
Jan '17

There are Grief Share groups that meet locally in Hackettstown and Washington. You can enter your zip code in the link below and find the group that is at a convenient location for your friend.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Jan '17

I seem to remember seeing notices for grief counseling in the back of the HRMC quarterly flyer that comes around. From the hospital web site it looks like their past programs have been handled by the local hospice. They do grief counseling of families afterwards, not just assistance for the patient. You might want to pass along this link:

Karen Ann Quinlin Center in Newton. also, not group but family guidance is amazing. also a support group on line "support groups" it is anonymous and helps with the late night issues.

dsl1121 dsl1121
Jan '17

Thank you all so much! I will pass this info on to her and I know she will be very appreciative. :-)

Lorraine Lorraine
Jan '17

Reverend Fowler with Trinity Church in town is a great source. There is a grief counseling group that meets there

I'm sorry for your friends loss

skippy skippy
Jan '17

I have gone through the same thing.I went to grief counseling Karen Ann quinlin.I got a lot of help trough our church.

Jan '17

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