1/10/17 Warren Tech - Shelter in Place/Evacuation

Trying to get info for a friend. The students were told to shelter in place now are being evacuated over to the college. This parent has received no notification from the shool or district. Anyone know what is going on?

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Jan '17

All schools will not notify the parents during an incident because they do not want parents rushing to the school. Parents are usually notified once everything has been cleared.
With that being said, listening to the scanner, it sounds like another Bomb Threat.

Irishresq Irishresq
Jan '17

It's usual. I go to a Tech, we've had 2 within a month. Students were cleared from college at 3:30ish

John Doe
Jan '17

My daughter teacher there idk whats up

Mommajoe Mommajoe
Jan '17

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Re: 1/10/17 Warren Tech - Shelter in Place/Evacuation
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