Piano Lessons

Does anyone know a piano teacher in great meadows/hackettstown area besides the strand on main st? I have two children hoping to continue, they are 3 yrs into it and our teacher just moved to TX. Thanks for your thoughts and ideas .

Sonja J. Baker is wonderful... 908-852-3334 home 973-945-0039 cell
She lives off of Naughright Rd

viennanative viennanative
Sep '13

Irene McCormick just off of 4th St, she is a very gifted musician and a wonderful teacher. I'll email her phone number to you.

hktownie hktownie
Sep '13

Gemini Music, Jim Ratliff either at his studio (Hope) or your house if you have piano. My kids still play and professionally as well at least as a side-job.


Wife Ruth does singing lessons including a Freddy winner or two.

mistergoogle mistergoogle
Sep '13

I was wondering if anyone has any new recommendations for piano lessons? This thread is pretty old.

Momof2 Momof2
Jan '15

My neighbor does them privately and she also teaches at the Piano Workshop in Chester. I live in Mt. Olive. PM me and I can send you her info. I don't want to post her personal number in a public forum

Antimony Antimony
Jan '15

Excellent piano teacher - Laurie Briggs - (908) 813-2606 or email lsb88@comcast.net.

Valley music center, lessons with joe...he is a pro and great with kids
908 876 1240

get him get him
Jan '15

Still Irene McCormick- just off of 4th St, she is a very gifted musician and a wonderful teacher. She has a special in the classified section I see for new students.

hktownie hktownie
Jan '15

Just checking in... anyone know a female teacher who will come to my house to teach piano to my 7 year old? I live in Allamuchy. TIA!

why only female? isn't that a form of discrimination? to specify the sex of the instructor? i know some good piano teachers, but they don't have your very specific requirement. they're males but they will come to your house and have a good track record with young children.

BrotherDog BrotherDog
Sep '15

Are you serious? Discrimination--really? First of all, I can "discriminate" as much as I want with my child and second of all, it is what I feel most comfortable for my little girl. No thank you to any of the recommendations you may have.

I'm with you, Stef!
You choose the teacher who you feel comfortable with.
What's next --- discrimination for wanting a professional, experienced teacher over someone who is not?

hapiest girl
Sep '15

Drive a few minutes and go with Irene. She teaches in her little home nearby M&M's. I've known her for years. Very professional, great with children and teaches "by the book".

just the facts maam just the facts maam
Sep '15

stef - sorry if my question came across harshly. it wasn't meant to be,

may i ask, why only consider a female piano teacher?

BrotherDog BrotherDog
Sep '15

Re: Piano Lessons

Hi Stef,

My name is Violette and I've been teaching private music lessons (Piano, Keyboards, and Guitar) to children, teens and adults in Hackettstown, Independence, Long Valley and Chester homes for 20+ years.

My oldest daughter told me about this post on the forum, so here I am. :)

I just posted a more detailed entry in the classified/services section (dated 9-30-15) as well so you can read more about me there.

Or you can simply call or text me at 908-619-2133.

Of course I can provide you with references as requested.

Hope to hear from you.

Violette Violette
Sep '15

Looking for a teacher in the Hackettstown area for lessons for my daughter. Anyone still teaching?

Creativemuffin Creativemuffin
Jun '16

I am selling a piano for $400. It is an otto altenburg 36 inches high excellent condition let me know

add on here in classified today. Under "other"


I am a piano teacher in Mt Olive and am also a school teacher in the Mt Olive School District. I have 9 years experience in playing piano.

I teach beginner-early advanced lessons. If you are interested, please contact me at 973-527-4911 or carolynodell90@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you!

Carolyn O. Carolyn O.
Aug '16

Re: Piano Lessons

This is Violette from a few posts up ^ .... I AM still teaching lessons. :)
I will travel to you and teach in your home. I have scheduled my current students for the 2016 school year and still have a few slots that I would be happy and able to fill.

Violette Violette
Sep '16

I live in Oxford and I'm looking for a piano teacher for my 10 year old son. I'd either like someone to come to my home (I have a piano) or I can travel as long as it's close by. Preferably no further then hackettstown.

Danielle W Danielle W
Jul '17


Jim can use your piano, no problem except keeping it in tune.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Jul '17

Still Irene McCormick in Hackettstown- just off of 4th St, she is a very gifted musician and a wonderful teacher. 908-852-5398

hktownie hktownie
Jul '17

Any recommendations for piano lessons? This thread is older and the last post was almost a year ago. Thank you.

JustAMom JustAMom
May '18

I teach piano, have for many years....Manhattan School of Music Alum....but prefer adults and mostly classical / theory/harmony / jazz......

zentravl zentravl
May '18

JustAMom, my son just received his music education degree and teaching certificate from Montclair and is currently giving lessons in town. Message me if you want more info.

Hello- does anyone know of instructors in Panther Valley?


Shannon Foster Shannon Foster
Sep '18

does anyone here know where i can find someone to teach my 9 year old son piano? but someone that wont charge a lot. something reasonable. thanks

vanessa vanessa
May '19

Vanessa, have you reached out to previous posters on this thread?

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
May '19

Since this is a piano thread I have a FREE piano. Just take it away and it is yours. It's an old upright, probably needs to be tuned, but otherwise in nice condition. We also have a free treadmill but that might be another thread...…...please contact me for either one or both if you desire them.

At the Strand...a young fellow named Jeff is great, but he is relatively new. He went to Hackettstown schools and is very kid/student friendly. He is teaching one of mine piano. He is also an amazing winds teacher. Would not go to anyone else there!!

Acl76 Acl76
May '19

MK- I may be interested in your piano. I sent you an email. Would love to see a picture!

LivingLifeLovingLife LivingLifeLovingLife
May '19

Make sure your child actually wants to play an instrument. If you have to force them to practice and they clearly aren’t interested or talented, don’t waste your money. Most children, who want to play, and have talent, cannot be pulled AWAY from their instruments.
My children wanted to play an instrument, but wanted it to come naturally, without practice. They didn’t have the talent and it was a struggle. I wanted to stop the lessons, but they wanted to continue...without practicing, though. When they got part time jobs, I started to make THEM pay for their lessons. I would reimburse them, IF they practiced for 1/2 hour a day. Lessons ended two months later, their choice.
Point is, don’t waste money unless you see REAL interest, coming from within.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
May '19

My son taught himself how to play guitar ... He plays every night.. And he’s pretty good.. He would love to learn how to play the piano.. Music is a big part of our lives, where would we be without music... If you’re child wants to learn to play piano.. Take them for lessons... Trust me...It will pay off in so many ways..

Havaclue Havaclue
May '19

There’s many musicians in my family, as well. They were mostly self taught. One person played guitar like Carlos Santana, in many local bands for years. Excellent player and never learned how to read notes. Music is SO therapeutic, I couldn’t survive without it. I would’ve loved my kids to have a real talent, regarding music. I count my lucky stars for them, regardless.
As a side note, check out Jadyn:


Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
May '19

I play guitar like Carlos Santana, too... left hand on the frets and a pick in my right hand. Aaaand, that's pretty much where the similarities end, lol.

ianimal ianimal
May '19

"At the Strand...a young fellow named Jeff is great, but he is relatively new. He went to Hackettstown schools and is very kid/student friendly. He is teaching one of mine piano. He is also an amazing winds teacher. Would not go to anyone else there!!"

Acl76, Jeff is my son, so it's very good to see you say that. That made my day.

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