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So I just had two guys come by the house, stating that they were from Power Home Remodeling Group. They gave the typical pitch about doing work in the area, and wanted to know if we were interested in a free estimate. I get skeptical when people come door to door, especially at night, but I listened to what they had to say, and I am considering getting an estimate.

I have already taken a look at the website (www.powerhrg.com), and have looked some stuff up online about them. I was just wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with them. Good? Bad? Really bad?

Thanks in advance for the feedback, and sorry in advance that this thread is not about guns/bullets/shootings/militias.

Did you ask them for their soliciting permit number? When they go "Huh??" it says a lot to begin with. There are so many really good local people out there it says a lot in comparison. (although I do say that without specific experience of having said yes to them)

Thye came by our house to, they have 170 complaints on the BBB site. Guy was pushy. He asked if he could give a free estimate on my roof which I told him my Brothers company will be doing in the spring so no thanks but he just kept trying. Finally just told him to get lost.

I would follow your skeptic's hunch. I say an estimate from a solicitation can only lead to nonstop phonecalls. Check with the BBB.

I know many people (myself included) who gave them my info for a free estimate and I ge soliciting calls from them 2-3 times a day (and it's been about a year). I've aske them repeatedly to take me off their list to no avail. Lesson learned.

Htown Me
Jan '13

They came to my house as well last week pushing free estimates for new windows. No one likes a pushy salesman especially when they show up at your door. I made up a story that I had just filed for bankruptcy and they quickly left.

Generally, someone who is good is busy enough through referrals. This guy might be good but until he builds his customer base maybe he should subcontract from others rather than going door-to-door.

iJay2 iJay2
Jan '13

Those idiots came to our door a few times before. One time my husband happened to be home and he actually gave them our phone number (BIG MISTAKE). They will harass you non stop if you give them any information. I called and canceled the appointment for the free estimate because we didn't need new window (ours are less than 5 years old). So they said well how about a new roof? Or new doors. No joke they called and showed up at my house 12 times. I called their home office and they were just as bad. Finally I put a block on their phone numbers. They showed up again at my house and because they saw my car in the driveway they kept pounding on my door. Finally I opened the door (this is after they woke up one of my sleeping kids) and told them to leave. The sales guy asked if he could come in for water and I again said he needed to leave and if he wants water drive over to the quickchek. I close the door and I can hear him outside. I went back outside and said guess you aren't that thirsty after all? He said oh I had a bottle of water in my car. I told him again to leave so he goes and stands in the STREET right in front of my house. I walked back outside and told him to leave or I would call the police. He finally left.

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
Jan '13

My advice from this thread about contractors. The same applies here. http://www.hackettstownlife.com/forum/304991

The following statements are true of ANY contractor. There are probably more rules to live by but these are the 4 that I can think of.

1. The good ones never go door to door. The ones that do, aren't any good. Stay away.
2. The good ones are always busy. If you ask "when can you start" and they say tomorrow or today, stay away. If he was good, he would be booked weeks or more in advance.
3. The good ones are never in your neighborhood and have extra materials and will give you a good deal. If they were really good, they would know how to properly estimate their materials in the first place.
4. The good ones, never require payment in cash. And payment should never be made in full prior to work starting.

Jan '13

Hi all,

My name is Ray Lodato - I'm the Customer Advocacy Manager here at Power. I came across this thread and would like to address some of the comments made above:

A: "Thye came by our house to, they have 170 complaints on the BBB site."

You'll also notice that each and everyone of these complaints has been resolved and that we have an A+ rating, both of which are the biggest indicators of a company who will stand behind their word and products. When you serve as many customers as we have in our 20+ years of business (over 60,000), there are times when you run into unforeseen problems. When this occurs, what matters most is engaging our customers in a dialogue and resolving the issues to the best of our ability so that the customer walks away feeling good about Power and the type of people that populate it.

First and foremost, we always try to do right by our customers - it's not only good business, but it reflects the value set that this company has been build on. Resolving each and everyone of these complaints is paramount towards achieving that.

If you'd like more information on the quality of our products and services from an unbiased source, I encourage you to visit our Guild Quality listing, where real Power customers have left real reviews. Over 90% of our customers are satisfied with our services in each measurable area - but don't take my word for it, look for yourself:


"B: 1. The good ones never go door to door. The ones that do, aren't any good. Stay away.
2. The good ones are always busy. If you ask "when can you start" and they say tomorrow or today, stay away. If he was good, he would be booked weeks or more in advance.
3. The good ones are never in your neighborhood and have extra materials and will give you a good deal. If they were really good, they would know how to properly estimate their materials in the first place.
4. The good ones, never require payment in cash. And payment should never be made in full prior to work starting."

Generally, blanket statements about anything in life do not hold up under close inspection. The same holds true here. Points 2, 3, an 4 don't apply to our business - as we don't practice any of those methods. I think it is dangerous to assume that any company doing door to door marketing lacks quality service or installation - what about those two subjects draws natural parallels? It doesn't hold up under scrutiny, especially when you take our customer reviews into consideration.

I encourage you to visit any of the following third party review sites to see what Power's own customers are saying about their experience. These reviews can come from locations as varied as Philadelphia, Chicago, DC, New Jersey, Boston, Atlanta - the constant you'll find is the uniform level of quality service we offer across the board, and that is because we've developed a set of overarching quality standards that applies to the entire business. Regardless of what city you find yourself in, you can expect the same time-tested process - which was designed with the customer in mind - and the same premium grade products.

Again, please visit any of the following review sites and take a look for yourself:

Guild Quality: http://www.guildquality.com/cr/Power-Home-Remodeling-Group/6XD528214094JAG/

Angie's List: http://www.angieslist.com/companylist/us/pa/chester/power-home-remodeling-group-llc-reviews-123064.htm

Insider Pages: http://www.insiderpages.com/b/15240052551/power-home-remodeling-group-chester

C: "I've asked them repeatedly to take me off their list to no avail. Lesson learned."

If you e-mail me at rlodato@powerhrg.com, I'd be more than happy to help you. I can remove your name from our calling list and within 24 hours you'll no longer receive calls. I apologize if you've experienced difficulty in doing this in the past.

If anyone else would like to contact me to have their questions answered, please feel free. I'd be more than happy to be of service.

Ray Lodato
Customer Advocacy Manager
Power Home Remodeling Group

Ray at Power Ray at Power
Jan '13

Thanks for the updates everyone. I appreciate it.

Here's some more web sites which aren't crammed with fake reviews.


Jan '13

and more

Jan '13

I'm sorry but any company whose employees are desperate enough to loiter outside someone's door like Mommyof3, I would stay far and away from. That is harrassment.

Door-to-door soliciation is very rare these days and preys on the vulnerable.

My mother is 86 years old and they have been preying on her for 2 years. First with a new roof and then her chimney. With the chimney they told her it was going to fall down on her car. My mom has dementia and is already fearful of many things. She was a nervous wreck. Her caregiver arrived one day to find them on a ladder near her chimney. I have called and asked them not to call or go there ever again. I even gave them my number and told them to call me instead but they continue to call her and even show up at her house. They are very nice when you call and explain the situation to them and agree to take her name out of their data base, but it has not happened.

Mariann Mariann
Jan '13

Mariann - email Ray - rlodato@powerhrg.com - if they stop harrassing your mom and let us know.

I prefer to work with my local Htown contractors.

htownnewbie htownnewbie
Jan '13


We encourage all of our customers to leave reviews detailing their experiences on third-party websites. In fact, Guild Quality reaches out to our customers directly in order to solicit opinions without our involvement whatsoever.

While I understand that in today's world there are instances of smoke and mirrors when it comes to dealing with different businesses, I can assure you that those reviews are 100% genuine. I would think the sheer volume of them would signify that, as well as the fact that some of the websites I linked to are subscriber-based (Angie's List).

You can find bad reviews for any product and company on the planet - Microsoft, Apple, Google, Starbucks, General Mills - you name it. If there's a product out there, there's someone who didn't enjoy their experience with it. The real question is - what is the ratio of positive to negative and how many more customers walk away feeling great about their experience?

Pumping the internet with thousands of "fake" reviews is a monumental waste of time, not to mention bad business. In the time it would take to do that, we can re-make and refine our customer care processes ten times over to better serve those who do business with us. By doing that, customers will organically share their experiences due to the positive nature of it. This is our philosophy in regards to customer care and it has worked out well in our 20+ years of business.

If you'd like to see more examples of these reviews, feel free to visit the Google Places listings for each of our offices:

Philadelphia: https://plus.google.com/109827512299581758374/about?hl=en

Atlanta: https://plus.google.com/108741844265174683101/about?hl=en

Boston: https://plus.google.com/103135121445045143529/about?hl=en

DC: https://plus.google.com/115062062766229875429/about?hl=en

Furthermore, you can also visit Yellow Pages or City Search - type in "Power Home Remodeling Group" and you'll see shared experiences from more of our customers.

"I'm sorry but any company whose employees are desperate enough to loiter outside someone's door like Mommyof3, I would stay far and away from. That is harrassment.

Door-to-door soliciation is very rare these days and preys on the vulnerable."

This is simply not true. Many American businesses practice similar forms of outbound marketing - from Comcast to Verizon to Horizon Blue Cross. Why? Because it's a good way to have genuine person-to-person contact and establish a personal relationship that can build a foundation for a positive business relationship.

And Mariann - please do e-mail me. I will take care of everything :)

Ray Lodato
Customer Advocacy Manager
Power Home Remodeling Group

Ray at Power Ray at Power
Jan '13

Ray - You can read my review above. You have a bunch of pushy salesman and I wouldn't be surprised if you were of the people I spoke to about stopping the calls and unwelcome visits. The only way I got the phone calls to stop was putting a block on the phone numbers.

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
Jan '13

Comcast, Verizon and Horizon do not solicit door to door here because it is a non-solicitation town where a permit is required. What is your permit number Ray?

I used to work for Power Home Remodeling Group... back when they were called Power Windows and Siding when I moved to Philly a couple years ago. I worked in their marketing department- started off going door-to-door but thankfully was transitioned to their retail operation. I can't speak for their inside sales strategy, or individuals who may knock on your door... but overall, if you're in need of a home update (especially to cut energy costs) their products and contractors are very good. I really enjoyed working for them. They treat their employees very well.

Simple answer- don't give you're info out if you're not seriously considering any home updates in the near future. If I owned a home and was considering doing windows or a roof, I'd definitely get a quote from them.

Going local is great, but local contractors often don't have the same products that PHRG would install in your home. Local contractors may also not be able to offer financing. Finally, PHRG was just starting to expand their operation into NJ when I left and I remember at the time they were hiring and training NJ contractors. Just like any other company they hire local contractors to service their sales- you don't think contractors are commuting from China do you? lol

Anyway, best of luck. Just thought I'd share some thoughts since I used to work for them.

pbrewsky pbrewsky
Jan '13

They still need a permit if they are coming unsolicited to your door. Anyone in that business knows most towns require this..That alone should raise a red flag..

boobalaa boobalaa
Jan '13

Interesting, they have my phone number and won't stop calling even when asked and now they want my email too?! I think not! How about providing your personal phone number instead of asking us for even more information?

Htown Me
Jan '13

Had a "salesman" visit my house shortly after Christmas. He gave me a brochure "to keep" because he had tons in the car. He was very pushy, unprofessional and rude. Tried to get me to let him examine things multiple times. After telling him I wasn't interested at this time, he suddenly needed the pamphlet back because "he only had a few".

This took place while I had company over and I made it very clear to this man that I was busy. Do all the damage control you want Ray, but your company is the ONLY one I have ever been solicited door-to-door. There is ZERO chance of my friends or family utilizing your service due to this.

btownguy btownguy
Jan '13

Power Home Remodeling Group replaced all of our windows last May. They did an absolutely fabulous job and teir products cannot be beat. Their lifetime transferable warranty cannot be either. The two guys who did the work were very professional and when we noticed that the grate in one of the windows was not level, they manufactured a completely new pane and had it installed in a matter of days. I agree that their solicitation techniques are too aggressive, but I would recommend their workmanship and product to anyone. At the same time we had our windows replaced, we used the Hackettstown Trading Post fo our through the wall air conditioning unit. What a nightmare. Horrible workmanship and even more horrible treatment by the owners. They finally did rectify the issue to a point where I was willing to forego a small claims court suit and complaint to the NJ Asbestos Abatement Commission, but the lesson learned was we should have given up on going local for work and let Power do it all.

If I asked you if you were thirsty and you said "yeah I could use a cold one" and I told you a bottle of water cost $60.50 you would think I am nuts, right? Then if I told you you would die without it so I would give you a one-time discount of 35% off to make it cost "ONLY $39.00" you would still think I was nuts, wouldn't you? But if you were dying of thirst you might actually pay either price as well correct?

Well this is the type of scam this company employes to sell cheap windows, crappy siding and leaky roofs. They buy an average window for about $110 each put fancy glass inside for $30 more and pawn it off as a $1200 window that if you buy it right now is "ONLY" $995, thats right! And wait there is more I can also give you a GAF roof that everyone else installs and sell it for triple price!

How do I know? I use to install it for them. In the beginning it was great. I couldn't believe the price they were getting. But when I saw college grads with suits and ties on, fancy laptop presentations and custom sample kits I knew what they were doing.

Making the obvious seem rare, even priceless and hoping not to get caught.

And they are able to get away with it as many people are just too lazy to do any research or their own work.

Oh and by the way, they used to pay me $75 a window, then after I quit working for other accounts like Sears, Home Depot and so on, they gave me only $35. That's how
I know what they are like.

And what happens to a workers moral and self worth when you do that? I'll tell you what. They get sloppy and carless because the stop caring and know they will quit soon. That's what.

Its all smoke and mirrors, but hey isn't everything? We do pay for water even though the sink is only 5 feet away don't we?

My advice, if you really want to pay "Double" the real price because you think your better off if you do so then buy from Home Depot or Lowes, not Sears or Power.

Why? Because if your unhappy they will refund you every dime and let you "Keep" the windows. Their business is so good they won't allow their "In-Home" division ruin their image.

How do I know? I work their as well.

steve1962 steve1962
Apr '13

Two young ladies from this company recently showed up at my door with a pamphlet and a pitch to schedule a free estimate appointment. I asked for business card(s) and their reply was "We ARE the business card!" What?
Reluctantly scheduled then got on Google to look into the company. After the 17th bad (and I mean BAD) review I will be cancelling. Who are they paying off at BBB to maintain A+ rating?

Andrew Andrew
Jun '13

McDonald's has bad complaints so are you going to stop eating there because of that? I don't think so! Everybody experience will be different so try it and you determine for yourself and you will see why we have a A+ rating.

Dustin Dustin
Jul '13

Are you over-promising or under-delivering? Common sense would dictate that it is one or the other, or both!

iJay3 iJay3
Jul '13


Are you the new Ray?

Jul '13

I use to install it for them. In the beginning it was great. I couldn't believe the price they were getting. But when I saw college grads with suits and ties on, fancy laptop presentations and custom sample kits I knew what they were doing.Thanks for sharing all that great information.....

virat virat
Apr '14

IF you do business with PHRG this is what to expect.

!. Salesperson stating how great product is and why is is 2-3 times more expensive.
2. Sales Rep is likely to chat with you in order gain your trust and spend several hours if need be.
3. You will get a sign now price 10-20% lower than the 1 year price....
4. if you decline the sign now price you will be offered all types of additional discounts that can reduce the price by another 15%
5. If you sign for the project you will get an est of product needed and measurement to
complete job. It will inlclude details about the project exactly what will be done.
6. You will not get am itemized price list
7. Subcontractors may or may not arrive on day scheduled, expect delays due to anything from workers being sick or weather related.
8. Most work will be done eventually but expect to clean up nails and debris afterwords.
9. Something that was suppose to be done will be skipped and there is likely to be something conspicuously unfinished.
10. That something is designed to require an additional appointments back out to your house that can be used for additional sales for future projects or just leverage in case your dissatisfied with the project. (You may hold off complaining to authorities or from filing lawsuits if your are waiting for completion)
12. If you cancel within the 3 day period witch is actually 5 if you sign on a friday expect another company rep to come back out to give you new lower price or to talk you out of the cancellation altogether.

andrew andrew
Sep '14

I am a former employee of this company. They are God awful.
Where do I begin? First of all, most of these reviews are from Power itself, so disregard any nonsense that may sway you to take the position. Lets put it this way... The job was so bad and my RVP and his lackey (Sean Keeley), were so atrocious that I ended up writing an 86 page letter to corporate detailing all of the fraudulent activity that occurred on their behalf during my tenure at Power. Yes, you read that correctly... EIGHTY-SIX PAGES! The RVP ended up being terminated because he violated so many labor laws, like not paying employees for working the weekends. Unfortunately, his lackey was not fired and ended up taking his position. He continued to violate all of the labor laws known to man and is still in charge. His name is Sean Keeley and is still coning high school and college graduates to working at Power. I quit on my own accord a few months later and they were terrified to fire me because I threatened to file multiple law suits for their business activities. What they don't know is that I currently have met with several attorney's and am in the process of filing 2 class action law suits. DO NOT WORK THERE. I PROMISE YOU, THERE ARE MUCH BETTER JOBS!

If you "had an interview" and were promised to make 100k, or be promoted soon, or were told "we usually need a second or third interview but for you we don't because you're exactly what we're looking for", don't feel special. The RVP says that to anyone and everyone to gt them in the door. Run for the hills and go work any where else (Like seriously, consider the McDonalds across the street).

Any questions or concerns, contact me at Hibberdmatt at yahoo.com

Matthew Hibberd Matthew Hibberd
Apr '15

Anonymous to PowerHRG less than a minute ago
Please Ray, if this is the justification for the sign-now discount, then why not inform prospective customers of this while they are making the appointment you offer for a year-long estimate. That way the consumer can research before the sales person visits on estimate day. Your excuse is such a red-herring, and nothing short of fraud. If you were sincerely concerned about the expense of multiple visits, then give the consumer the info he or she needs to make a decision promptly. That is, unless you are actually looking to con somebody into make the purchase commitment before they get the chance to research the company. I can understand your concern, however, being how obviously dishonest your company seems to be from a simple yelp search. Also some precious info from former employees on glass door. I am disgusted and WILL be following up with consumer protection at the NY State AG's office. I'm a state attorney, by the way, and have cases where I represent older adult victims of predator scams like yours. I don't know how you sleep at night.

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Deborah Deborah
Feb '16

I too have had an "estimate" from this company, and this "estimate" was approximately 3 times more than that of 2 local, Hackettstown Companies that I also asked for an "estimate." Never, from Comcast, Verizon, or a Shoe-salesmen, has anyone come to our door. Not only did this company send multiple people who wouldn't take no for an answer, but when they were done they took my NO because I told them they were not being hired, repeatedly, then threatened to call the police. We have had some people call, who we know, that are selling knives and such while going to college, but never door to door. This company is a rip-off, with harassment added to it. Again, Hackettstown Contractors came in way below, and I would rather give them a job than to an out of State contractor whose company name is continuously changing.

partyplanning partyplanning
Feb '16

Last week I was at the Chester 4h fair and this guy from phrg stopped me dead in the tracks and i told him I wasn’t interested long story short they are supposed to come tomorrow and look at my roof which I’m gonna be canceling because i told the guy no thank you and then continued to get information from me

Michael Michael
Jul '18

why did he get any more info from you?

4catmom 4catmom
Jul '18

Unless I'm getting waterboarded, companies like that at these public events don't get any information from me. Sometimes though I do feed them complete fiction for a lark....

Long story short i canceled the estimate . He wanted to know if the house was a pitched roof or not. They have a bunch of complaints through the better business bureau too

Michael Michael
Jul '18

We used them to for new windows and everything went great! The worst part about it is definitely the 2-3 hour sales pitch though.

smilingbecs smilingbecs
Jul '18

2-3 hour sales pitch?! I'll take the waterboarding! LOL

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