Feel Good Videos

If you ever come across a feel-good video, please share it here.

Here's one.


That was an awesome video, thanks for sharing. Sometimes if you just give someone a chance they prove you wrong, that even with a disability you can be a star! God bless!

Cherie Cherie
Dec '12

This clip will have you laughing out loud! Cats are awesome.


I dunno, it made me depressed, they looked sad. Try this. These cats can move: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--EVTZhoBmo

mistergoogle mistergoogle
Aug '13

Loved this video


JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
Aug '13

Jazz Guitar... but give it a chance!


westvillage westvillage
Dec '13


Dec '13

+1 oldred

skippy skippy
Dec '13


"Christmas Jammies" video:

Hi everyone!
Here is my friend with her recent single jazz release... check it out. Recent Rutgers Grad!

The band includes world famous trombonist Conrad Herwig.


westvillage westvillage
Dec '13

Here's a great one for the season.


Martha Martha
Dec '13

Definitely channeling cbel with that one Martha... nice.

Oldman, very true!

justintime justintime
Dec '13

@Martha - wow!

justintime and Bonv :)

Martha Martha
Dec '13

Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma


They took the Feliz Navidad video off You Tube.

Oh, brother, now I'm mad.

Andy Loigu Andy Loigu
Dec '13

Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent


What a wonderful surprise ~


JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
May '14

Lovely message ~


That was beautiful, Bonv. Thanks for posting.

Rebecka Rebecka
Aug '14

I can see now to type! Yes! Thanks Bonv - excellent!

For those have not seen this one yet... haha


fujixt1 fujixt1
Jan '15


This is a good one!!


"That boy, I say, that boy is like five mile of bad road".

Foghorn Leghorn


A few years ago, I shot and edited most of the videos seen here: They are profiles of amazing people doing great things for their communities:


H'town Vidiot H'town Vidiot
Sep '16

Wait for the end!

This dog is a superstar! LOL


Funny Greg. Reminds me of Fritz.


Calico696 Calico696
Jun '17

A preview of the Mayweather/McGregor fight?


Incredibly small bird!


This couple can sure cut a rug!

Music by the Killer as well!


A very sweet video.


Thank you Greg- I loved that video and passed it on to some people I know who needed an extra smile in their day!

sportsfan sportsfan
Jul '19

So cute, Greg. I shared that with my friend who owns a St. Bernard.

Calico696 Calico696
Jul '19

made me feel good
musical video


Wow, CBGB! Made me feel good too. "Slim" Gaillard was an incredibly talented gentleman, and showed not only that he could do a bit of shredding on guitar, but also did some fretting from above the neck, pre-Jimi Hendrix. May even have been his inspiration for that. Definitely a complex and mysterious backstory too, for anyone interested:


Phil D. Phil D.
Feb '20

These made me feel good. There's something about a so-called "fail" during dog agility contests that's endearing and makes you just want to give them a huge hug! On a side note though, only the first video would be considered a "fail".


This big guy got everyone behind him all the way. He's got a LOT of heart:


Another newer one with the big guy, aka "Zeus". A bit of a scare just after 1:00 since the apparatus clearly isn't made for a gymnast his size;-D


Phil D. Phil D.
Feb '20


Re: Feel Good Videos

Stunning views, CBGB!

I came across this video this morning. Wow! I love butterflies, so this started my day in a 'feel good' way. :)

Had to rewatch it on my big screen, hi def tv. Amazing!!


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