Auto/Home Insurance Re-Evaluation

Just wanted to share with you all that evidently, you can call your auto/homeowners insurance company and request a re-evaluation. I just did this because my auto policy auto-renued and I noticed that my premium went up a little. I called to find out why since we have not had any tickets or accidents, and I was told that the insurance company (in my case it is Liberty Mutual - for some reason they were cheaper than NJ Manufacturers for us) just has to increase rates occasionally due to fraudulent claims, uninsured motorists, etc. (yadda, yadda, yadda). I told them that I would just have to call NJM to see if they can get me a better rate. All of a sudden, since I have been a policy owner for the last 3 years, they were able to do a "re-evaluation" and VOILA! My policy is all of a sudden $200.00 less. Well that was certainly worth 10 minutes of my time. Just wanted to share that tidbit in case others could benefit as well. Yay me! =) Hey, every little bit helps nowadays!

Aug '12

I tried that with my company, State Farm and it didnt work. They could care less if I was leaving to another company. Congrats!

botheredbyu botheredbyu
Aug '12

We also did this in May and they wouldn't lower it either. I shopped around and everyone else was pretty much the same rates.

Christine Christine
Aug '12

I dumped Liberty Mutual when my auto rates went up. No tickets, no accidents. They dropped the AAA discount without warning. I am happy to say I pay $1600 less per year. Shopping is good:)

Also saved another $300 on homeowner.

I had High Point and called around. Allstate (Succasunna) gave me the best rate. I was told that because my credit/driving record was good. FYI

Machio Machio
Aug '12

I am with Liberty and also tried to get them to lower my rates...same thing, no tickets, accidents etc. and I also have my renters ins with them but no go. This was 2 months ago. I guess you got lucky.

Firefly Firefly
Aug '12

I saved $159 on my Liberty Mutual car insurance after completing the AARP defensive driving course. You don't need to be an AARP member to take the course, and you get some good information.

I flip-flop between insurance companies...

Last year, I called 21st Century to see if they could drop my rates (because they ALWAYS climb every year)... "Oh sorry sir, nothing we can do..."

Well, I guess they'd rather have $0 since I hung up, immediately went to GEICO, and started a new policy for a lot cheaper. (Funny thing is, 21st Century lured me away from GEICO several years prior)...

Changing auto insurance takes all of 5 minutes on the internet. I'd love to shop around for homeowner's insurance the same way but it's a little more complicated and it's tied into my escrow payments, so for a few bucks the hassle isn't worth it yet...

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Aug '12

I find the only problem changing companies is that the new company wants big chunk of $ up front and if you dont have it (to start new policy) then you are out of luck.

On good thing is my son, who doesnt have the best driving record, went from State Farm to 21st Century and saved $4000 a year. Thats right, SF wanted over 7k a year and 21st, only $3,500.

botheredbyu botheredbyu
Aug '12

Any recommendations now?

I have been calling around but today was a bad day to start because of the holiday. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have called, Geico, USAA, Bank of America, Weichert, Progressive. Mostly waiting on some quotes.

Geico gave me a $1239 per year.

Its for a single family home.

fujixt1 fujixt1
Jan '15

We just switched to All State for home and auto. Time will tell how they work out, but they were cheaper.

hopeful hopeful
Jan '15

fujixt1 - If you're a military family and qualify for USAA then I couldn't imagine going somewhere else. Even if the rate is just a slight bit more, their customer service, their quick claims, their rate of return on the premium - very easy decision.

I'm guessing bundling auto and home is the best?
I have State Farm for auto.

fujixt1 fujixt1
Jan '15

Every company has a different % discount so you have to compare quotes for them combined. But yes, there's always a nice discount for both with the same company. I think most times where it's better to split is something like assigned risk young drivers. Those are best handled by companies specializing in it. Otherwise in the words of "Flo" - Get ready to BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBundle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would agree that it would be best to stick with the same company for both. I have State Farm for home and auto and the discount is definitely worth it. I also think they give an additional discount for paying the 6 months on the auto as opposed to monthly payment plan.

Have Geico for both Auto and Home insurance. Home insurance is through a company they work with called Homesite Insurance. Can't complain though every year they up my policy for both slightly for no reason.

@fujix11 I have state farm for both... Saved me verrrrrry little on car insurance and as has already been said, they couldn't care less if I leave. Def shop it around... Good luck!

NoUseForAname NoUseForAname
Jan '15

I decided to bundle with auto and home with State Farm.
Saved $100 on each vehicle and plus the rate was awesome!

Thank you

fujixt1 fujixt1
Jan '15

I left Liberty Mutual for Amica. I took the exact same coverage, policy limits and rental limits I had with LM and saved over $400. I would give them a call.

The LM rep even tried to tell me that $200 increase in my premium had to do with PLIGA fees!! LOL. Fail.

weebiekins weebiekins
Jan '15

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