Hospital Fitness Center

Has anyone tried the fitness center in the red building located next to the hospital?

overweight senior
May '12

I went there for physical therapy when I was having siatica problems. They have a great staff. This was from a Dr. referral but I do know seniors that go there just to use the fitness center and they really enjoy it.

Joyful Joyful
May '12

I know several people who love the center. I've been told it is cheaper than a fitness club and the staff is totally qualified to treat joint ailments or cardiac problems. FYI....I personally used them years ago after knee surgery.

USAfirst USAfirst
May '12

I would be interested as I have back issues. Does anyone know the name of the center or a contact number? It's hard to find anything affordable these days.


Joyce Polack Joyce Polack
May '12

I believe it's called the "Therapy Center" which has a specific web page. There is a brochure at the bottom of the page. I think you can just call the hospital's main number for information.

Hello my name is Melanie and I work at @ HRMC.
Our program is a medical based fitness program. The cost is approximately $40 a month and discounts are given for paying quarterly or annually. One of the many nice things about The Fitness Center is no contracts and free classes to members on Saturday and Sunday.
The hours are Monday- Friday 6:00AM-7:30 and Saturday-Sunday 7:30-2:30.
There is always an Excercise Physiologist on sight for excercise plans and to check blood pressure.

Feel free to call for a tour of our facility, I would be happy to show you around.
908-850-6925 Therapy Services or 908-850-6922 Fitness Center.

Melanie Marra Melanie Marra
May '12

I have been utilizing the facility since 2009 and couldn’t be more pleased. After completing three months in Cardiac Rehab (Thanks to Peggy), it was a natural succession to move into the internal fitness center program. Membership is moderately affordable; the staff is courteous, your fitness program is self-paced and the environment is overall pleasant. There is no need for fear or intimidation here, the clientele is a far cry from the Gold’s Gym type. Pam and Justin oversee the fitness center and are available for advice and information. Justin was instrumental in assisting me in developing a workout routine a few years ago and its continuous evolvement.

May '12

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