Sunday Garage Sale

For those of you that did the garage sale today and those of you that shopped the garage sale today, will you be out tomorrow? I did the garage sale today, so didn't get to shop. Wondering if people will still be selling tomorrow. What time do you close shop?

Bessie Bessie
Apr '12

I did one today, and while the sales were not astronomical, we still did get quite a few customers. Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer weather than today, so we will set up camp again tomorrow, on Canal Way. We closed today at 4, tomorrow might be the same or even a little earlier.

student student
Apr '12

2 garage sales on Hamilton Drive 101 and 105 that's the end closest to rt 46 near the brook. Did well today--still some great buys! We'll be here until around 4 tomorrow

ziggy ziggy
Apr '12

what! I soooo thought you would be out Bessie... You tell me every year what deals you got. I got lots of great things this year

Apr '12

s@hm - If you buy 10 years in a row, you need *at least* one year to sell it all off again. ;-)

Hope everyone that had sales today did great!

I shopped from 8:30 till 4:00 today and plan on hitting a few more tomorrow!!

abbadabbadooooo abbadabbadooooo
Apr '12

I am new to this often to the town wide garage sales happen? I found out about it a bit late to get stuff together but am interested in doing it next time!

They do the town wide just for one weekend...but there are always other garage sales going on..

reedfamilyrocks reedfamilyrocks
Apr '12

Thank you, reedfamilyrocks.

My sale will still be on tomorrow. Friday I did the was much slower I think because everyone was going into the townwide sales. I think the two days for me would have been enough but I did advertise it for tomorrow so I will be holding it one more day.

Joyful Joyful
Apr '12

I was out treasure hunting from 9-4 and I think I will head out tomorrow for a little bit too :-)

JessM. JessM.
Apr '12

There will be one on Lawrence Dr tomorrow! :)

Well then, I will have to print out the list of locations, and maybe I'll see some of you, though I would have no idea who anyone is. Happy Shopping!

Bessie Bessie
Apr '12

We are having our sale again today. Corner of W. Baldwin St. & Charles St. So far pretty quiet.

Lilly Lilly
Apr '12

46 saxton drive us out today. Still lots of good stuff.

Lilly - It's really interesting that you were so quiet. Res2 and us other Brook Hollow folks (the three Rolling Rapids sales for us) got a load of people starting at 8:00. Lots and lots of traffic to the point that we had to close even though we were getting people as we did it.

Pretty quiet in Independence today as well. Not so quiet that I did not feel I had a good day...Very tired, however, and just put a big box on the corner FREE stuff and leaving the rest for tomorrow to decide what to do with it. Good to see some of my Forum friends over the weekend and appreciate you stopping by...

Joyful Joyful
Apr '12

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