Where to find a good cheese babka around here?

I am dying for one but have no idea where there is Polish place around? Help:)

Blackcat Blackcat
Apr '12

I heard Russ Long talking about it on WRNJ yesterday. He said the best around here was Shoprite. He gave it a 9 out of 10. Not sure if it was cheese or not.

Christine Christine
Apr '12

Rockie's Pasties in Wharton.

best polish place hands down is in Ledgewood and they make babka

it's called Zuzannas Gourmet Deli


Nykuns on rt. 46 Great Meadows. They have all different varieties this time of the year, you can order good kielbasa there also. (908) 637-4228

Denis Denis
Apr '12

Going to try to make it this year...we'll see!

OP - If it weren't for the fact that I have 10 meals waiting to be eaten in the fridge, I was going to eat at Zuzannas today. I saw them putting up the daily special sign in front as I drove by to work. What kind of pierogies do they have? Is the kasha fluffy? Is the kolachie moist? And do they make their own kielbasa?

OMG - how will I ever fall asleep tonite after seeing their "foods in action" page?

Do they have babka available every day?

happy girl
Apr '12

I've seen that deli but disnt know what kind of food it was. Must get there ASAP.

Blackcat Blackcat
Apr '12

I use the polish deli in Manville, I love it! Its a ways from here, but not a bad ride for a weekend. Just went last night after work actually :-) I want to try Zuzanna 's!

JessM. JessM.
Apr '12

I pass that Zusanna's everyday, always wondered what kind of food they had..I will have to give it a try now. Thanks for the recommendation!

Bessie Bessie
Apr '12

Little bit of a ride, but we just had a great Cherry Cheese Babka from Rath's in Greenwich.

Mom of 1&1 Mom of 1&1
Apr '12

Take a trip to Clifton... Polish Area & stores there

or Wallington ...and closer yet.. Garfield..

embryodad embryodad
Apr '12

I don't think I have a clue as to what a babka is?

Jazzykatt Jazzykatt
Apr '12

I found the best babka! With raisins, not cheese, and I got the last one. It's absolutely fabulous. As are the pierogis. Check out the link OP posted. It is SO worth the trip!

Bessie: You HAVE to go.

GC: They have every kind of pierogi. I don't know if they make their own kielbasa, but I tasted it and it's mighty fine. Cucumber salad is excellent. I didn't see any kasha or kolachie. You will probably go before I get back and you can let us know what you tried.

This place is every Polack's dream!

Does anyone know if Zuzannas makes Walnut Butter Horns? I miss my grandma's cookies.

happy girl
Apr '12

All the best easter yummies are at Alpine Meats on 94 in Blairstown. Babka, Keilbasi is super they make it right there, and easter breads...SOOO worth the ride. Got 4 rings of the Holiday Keilbasi super yummy! Enjoy

GMmom GMmom
Apr '12

My aunt brought home a Babka from Nykum's. She said it is very good.
They also had a cheese Babka.
My aunt said the ones at Nykum's were from the Rockland Bakery. I have really wonderful cakes from the Rockland Bakery.
Nykum's Rt 46, Great Meadows. They have a number of great items.

susan susan
Apr '12

Wasn't crazy about Nykun's kielbasa...I was used to kielbasa from a little Polish store on New Market Street in Dunellen(or IS it Newmarket?) My parents would go there every year to pick one up for Easter, my Mom would simmer it in a big pot of water, then slice and serve with horse radish and mustard....Yum!

I second GMmom on Alpine kielbasa. We get our ham there every year. Went up yesterday and sampled the holiday kielbasa, OMG it's amazing. Just walking in the door smells so good. Worth the trip.

Martha Martha
Apr '12

I know its too late to travel, but next year take a trip to Joe's Meat Market in Perth Amboy. They have the best of everything including cheese babkas.
I don't buy babkas because I was taught to make it through my Ukranian Grandmother years ago.
If you would like the address or phone to Joe's let me know and I will provide it for you.
Also, I just found a polish deli next to the tender touch car wash in Phillipsburg. They have cheese babkas from a litheuanian bakery. I don't remember the name of the deli though. They also have kielbasa and my all time favorite cabanozzi...I know that isn't the proper spelling, but its good.

nascarwife nascarwife
Apr '12

Zuzannas. Zuzannas. Zuzannas.

Mighty fine kielbasi?? It's WAY better than that. So tender and so smoky! Now that's the way to do it. Not to mention Andrzej used to live in Bavaria. I'm gonna go when they have some of the schnitzel available! Or the Tripe Soup! ;-)

GC...Tripe Soup???? Isn't that fish?? Probably not or you would not be eating it...

Joyful Joyful
Apr '12

Joyful - No. It's beef. Well. A very certain part of a cow.... Remember we had the discussion some time ago about all the nasty edible bits of animals?

This may not be for the squeamish:


YAY, GC! I'm glad you liked it.

Now I remember, GC!!! Yuk!!

Joyful Joyful
Apr '12

Damn. I was just on Rt 10 after my little guy's swim lesson today and forgot to look for the place. I never did get one for Easter:( That's alright- I have something to look forward to now:)

blackcat blackcat
Apr '12

Special occasion - I went in for the smoke kielbasi extravaganza and was told "braised brisket with caramelized onions". Even if she makes dozens of really special things, and the kielbasi might have been at the top of the list - the beef two full days in the making with paprika in the gravy is the top of the top. Oh yeah.

Getting back to good cheese babka around here.....on my trip to Weis market today just as I entered the store in the bakery section was the most amazing looking cheese babka ...I kept saying as I passed by........Weight Watchers...Weight Watchers!!!!

joyful joyful
Nov '12


This is the place!

Krakus deli in Phillipsburg.

Jonathan Stone Jonathan Stone
Nov '12

Ooh...may have to get one for the holidays:)

Blackcat Blackcat
Nov '12

Alpine Deli in Blairstown has a nice selection of pastries , Babka and "old-time" polish specialities also. Rt. 94

Nov '12

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