Reiki Share

Does anyone know of a local reiki share group or have interest in joining together to
start one?

Coffeelover Coffeelover
Dec '11

I would love to learn the practice. I suppose you have to have experience for a Share?

Rebecka Rebecka
Dec '11

Linda Eyrich at 908.637.6847
located on Danvielle Mountain Road in Great Meadows.
Tell her where you found out and let us get a group going!

blacktie blacktie
Dec '11

Rebecka, you could be a recipient, but to practice (share) you'd have to receive an attunement by a reiki master - (this is done in Reiki 1 instruction). Linda is a master reiki practioner and can teach you reiki if you're interested.

Blacktie, I've just spoken with Linda who says she would very much be interested in a share group. The best day/time for her would be Wedsnesday, from 12:30pm-2:00pm. Would this work for you?

Coffeelover Coffeelover
Dec '11

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