Best Place to buy Teen/Kids furniture

I am looking for a place to buy kids and teen furniture. Already looked at Ashley and suburban on route 10 and found nothing. Any other places one could refer me to? I like some of the pottery barn teen furniture but hard not to see it in person. Has anyone purchased furniture from Pottery barn kids or teen?

chichi chichi
Oct '11

Crate and Barrel. This is their kids site.

Chris Chris
Oct '11

Stanley Young America is a quality brand of children's furniture. Both of our kids have it. The styles range from "very young" to "young adults". It's a bit more expensive than some brands but we only wanted to buy one set to last till after college. Daughter's set is 11 years old now and no problems whatsoever.

Hackettstown Trading Post and Suburban do carry Stanley but they don't have a lot of models on the floor. Check out a larger store like Levitz, Raymour, Huffman Koos, etc. You may be able to find the displays and then haggle locally.

Speaking of which, Raymour and Flanigan has nice furniture too. I've read too many negative comments about Ashley to trust their furniture.

emaxxman emaxxman
Oct '11

Both my daughters have furniture from the Stanley Young America brand, purchased at Hackettstown Trading Post. It's great quality, and a style that will last them through their teen years. I recommend it!

I believe if you go to a larger Pottery Barn store, they have some furniture so you can at least see the quality. I purchased a desk chair for my older daughter from Pottery Barn, just from the catalog, and was pleased. It was well packaged and arrived in good shape.

All that being said, after spending all that money on all that quality furniture, I purchased my older daughter's desk from Target. It is plain white, and it is perfect for her needs. I had to put it together, but it had all the parts, all the hardware, and went together nicely (after several hours, lol!). It was a great price for something I knew would take a real beating.

Jersey Girl Jersey Girl
Oct '11

maybe ikea?

icicle icicle
Oct '11

I know many families that have purchased from Pottery Barn Teen and absolutely love the furniture. They have been exceptionally happy with their purchases. Presently, we only have the bean bag chairs (which we love), but will probably be purchasing more in the future.

I purchased a few items from Ashley (bedroom furniture and dining table/chairs) - I have been pleased with the items I purchased. So far, so good. I will note that the dinning table is a little off-sized - not as wide across as some other places, however that is what we were looking for in the space we were putting it. So in this instance, we specifically went to Ashley for the not as wide furniture piece.

For the bedroom, I bought 2 dressers and one night stand. I will be going back for the media cabinet and another night stand (when there is a good sale). They were prompt and very accomodating in the delivery.

My DD has a Stanely bedroom set - very sturdy, but we picked too young of a pattern... she is now growing out of that style. The furniture has held up very, very well. We purchased the Stanely set at HTP - they matched the price and beat the local delivery / set up charges of another store that carried the same items. We did our research in pricing (local and internet) before we placed our order.

Coralie Coralie
Oct '11

If you can spring for it, Ethan Allen is excellent quality. We bought the maple early american set for my son when he was young. It made it thru him, and now it is his son's who is seven. It still looks fantastic, with no drawer or finish issues. is the website, I just looked it up.

Peggy C. Peggy C.
Oct '11

Sherwoods for Kids in Easton, PA. Bought my son's furniture there 14 years ago. Solid Maple and still in beautiful condition.

I third or fourth Stanley...Very good and sturdy. No issues after almost 8 years since first set have since purchased 2 more.

Steve-0 Steve-0
Oct '11

For 1299 you can get a triple dresser. queen bed and night stand at Macys. And your
teen can take it when they leave. This is at the Rockaway store and see DH Rick.

Conrad's Mom Conrad's Mom
Oct '11

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