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The tree guys were here trimming trees all week down Drakestown Rd. THe kids came in screaming about a bird. I went to go see and it looks like a baby blue jay fell out of a nest but I can't seem to locate a nest any where nearby. I went up to the tree guys and asked for help since it was probably them who knocked the poor thing out of the tree and they would not help me at all . I called animal control but guess what? they are off until Tuesday. I left it out there for 3 hours (checking on it of course) and did not see mama bird. Not sure what to do. I called the vets office but had to leave a message. I am also worried about the neighbors cat getting it too. Any suggestions? Thanks.

bklyngirl1 bklyngirl1
Jul '11

You could try contacting Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary. I don't know if they take birds, but they may be able to give you some advice or someone to contact. The Sanctuary can be reached by calling 973-800-2420.

lynnada lynnada
Jul '11

Rebeka posted this a while ago

Forum Friends,

I am an apprentice wildlife rehabilitator, and I am often asked by people what one should do if one finds an injured wild animal.

Wildlife rehabilitators specialize in rehabbing different species, and are there to help. Rehabbers volunteer their time and money; by law, they are not allowed to charge a fee for their services. They are people who are passionate about helping injured animals and abandoned young, and have been trained and certified by the State to take in certain species.

If you find an animal that needs help, there is a specialist you can turn to; please don't try to care for an animal on your own, it could be dangerous for both of you; it's also against the law.


Rehabbers listed by region:

Rehabbers listed by the species they care for:

And for all those who stop and take the time to rescue an injured bird, an abandoned fawn, squirrel babies who have fallen from their nest, etc.: Thank You!


Thanks lynnada I called and no one is around :-(

BLD - thanks so much but the links are say the site moved on one and the other link is not working for me at all but I really appreciate your help :-)

bklyngirl1 bklyngirl1
Jul '11

what a great experience for your kids now to learn..the baby bird will be fine if you put it in a make shift nest..(leaves,grass.ect) the mother will know where her baby is if kept within the same distance as found..leave the bird alone.. even though human instinct says different..if the momma bird comes back to feed then all will be ok... if not there was a reason for the mishap..( old wives tail that if you touch a bird the mother wont come back... thats not true) 2 girls had a wonderful teacher( MRS STEEGES) that taught them that.. she was a very knowledgable in this field... good luck.. hope momma comes back!1 :O)

scoop scoop
Jul '11

Try contacting Hope Davison -- 908-362-WILD

She is at Wild Baby Rescue in Blairstown.
Google wildbabyrescue to see website.

happy girl
Jul '11

I have this # in my cell...973 800 2420....not sure where they are but think not too far........and if they don't answer, leave a message.......I have gotten many birds over the years and brought them to local rehabs

hastings resident hastings resident
Jul '11

Here is the one I have used in the past.......just found it online :o)
Donna Fox
158 Millbrook Rd
Washington, NJ 07882
(908) 835-9991

Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles:

leave a message.......she will call you back.

hastings resident hastings resident
Jul '11

Here is the updated link

Joe M Joe M
Jul '11

Rocky Springs is not in business anymore. You must take the bird to the Raptor Trust in Millington; they take all birds. Wild Baby Rescue does not take in birds only mammals.

Sad to hear about Rocky Springs! wonder why they closed? that was quite a place.......

hastings resident hastings resident
Jul '11

Thanks Joe M. for the updated information.

Thanks so much everyone! I have not gotten any calls back as of yet (maybe cause of the holiday weekend) I appreciate your help.
Thanks Scoop. The kids have never seen a baby bird so it is a great experience for them. I took your advice and have researched on Google and it says the same as you, to leave it alone (make sure its in a shady place) but we watched from afar after putting the poor baby in the shade and no mama came but it still can come back. the bird seems quite strong and active and not sickly and since the tree guys were trimming trees right in front of the house I think they may have knocked it down
Hastings, Happy, Iris and Joe thanks!

bklyngirl1 bklyngirl1
Jul '11

Iris and I both volunteered at Rocky Springs. It was indeed a wonderful place. It closed because the founder had given a decade of her life to wildlife rescue, and needed to re-focus on herself. I think a decade is pretty generous!

Bklyngirl - I can get the bird into The Raptor Trust (I volunteered there, too) if no one is answering the phones this weekend. Please PM me using the envelope near my name if you think the bird still needs help. I'll get back to you right away!! Is it safe from cats/opossums/raccoons where it is now?

Rebecka Rebecka
Jul '11

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