Good Morning

Has anyone seen the Marine who walks all the time at independence field. We who wait to drop our kids off haven't in a while. Miss his smile, a quick thumbs up or on occasion if the car window is open, "Good Morning" in that deep voice. Well my tween daughter says I'm window shopping.. its good to see a smiley face

Victoria U Victoria U
3 weeks ago

They call him Mo .His dog past and hasn’t been to the park in awhile.

rob the roofer rob the roofer
2 weeks ago

Thanks Rob. I use to see him daily in am and suspected about his dog. I heard he just changed his time maybe.

Victoria U Victoria U
2 weeks ago

I know what you mean V..I saw him at Weiss he told some woman Amelia from his church that with rain and snow he has been walking elsewhere. I got the hand on my shoulder and deep voice How are Ya…I don’t remember what I said, waz with my mom.

Oh I know who you speak of…he is good people. I wrote about him wearing grey pants last fall. I was way out of line. One of his marine buddies wife sent me a nasty gram. I didn’t mean disrespect and was just being funny. He is a True gentleman only marines can make.

Suzzanne Suzzanne
2 weeks ago

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