This area could become the mecca of NJ Marijuana growth

With all the farmland here, monies should be invested in this area to grow marijuana in large scales for CBD and other THC product, for both medical and recreational. Think about the enormous economic growth and job creation in the area while maintaining an agricultural presence, not having to bring in nature destroying industry to do it.

Would truly be a "Garden State venture"

May '23

The climate here in NJ does not allow for year round growing outdoors. The facilities are indoor here in NJ. In addition I would gather here in NJ there are all sorts of rules and laws prohibiting that sort of crop. Trust me the billion dollar companies that are in the cultivation industry look at all of the possibilities when a state is likely to legalize cannabis like NJ did. Lets keep our Jersey sweet corn and the best beefsteak tomato on the planet as the crops in our area!

I agree with you Greg. Growing marijuana in a mass scale would be better suited elsewhere. Down south, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida etc.

NJ would have a short grow season and limited farmland to spare.

Besides, I'd rather grow actual food like corn, tomatoes and other green vegetables that flourish in our state.

May '23

nowadays marijuana is mostly grown indoors in climate-controlled warehouses. It's easier to control the elements and easier to secure the crops.

Jim L. Jim L.
May '23

@Jim L.

Well it's simple math. There's a limit you can grow in a 20,000 square foot indoor warehouse. Imagine miles of acreage it would be exponentially higher output outdoors. they're already doing this in colorado.

At the end of the day farming is a business and farmers will grow what has the highest margins. Most importantly farming marijuana is legal in New Jersey with a license. Forget the conservative south. It'll be years or decades that they Legalize It if at all

May '23

Not sure why some think it's OK to grow tomatoes and corn here in NJ but not marijuana. The same growing season is seen for both here. I'm no green thumb but isn't that splitting hairs?

I will be the first to admit that I struggle with mixed feelings and even guilt about marijuana being legal. So many years of messaging that it was an evil weed has done it's damage. I am actively working to erase that damage with a new perspective on this natural remedy.

friendlymcface friendlymcface
Jun '23

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Re: This area could become the mecca of NJ Marijuana growth
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