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Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone has switched service to xfinity mobile? I reached out to Xfinity today to try and get my internet bill lowered. They said they could drop it by $20 per month for 2 years. If.. I switched my unlocked phones from Verizon to xfinity mobile. On top of that the cost for unlimited talk text and data for two years on my 2 cell phones would be only $65 per month. Sounds too good to be true? He said they use verizon towers so the service would be identical..he himself switched over and has had no issues... wondering if anyone has experienced it? Thanks!

3 weeks ago

I switched about a year ago to Xfinity. I have found that there is absolutley no difference,,,except the price. No issues for me at all, I switch between 1GB of data and unlimited data depending on my montly use. I think that is my favorite feature. I can increase my data for when I travel and then go back to limited date the next month.

happycamper happycamper
3 weeks ago

Hi, as a person who has experience with phone providers, you’re better off switching to Xfinity mobile if you already have internet.
Yes it is true, Xfinity uses the same cell towers as Verizon. You will notice no difference.
Plus, for your unlimited service you can get $20 off 24M/ your internet bill when you switch.

Hope this information helps

My neighbors did the change as well. They are quite pleased thus far. I assume there is a lock in for x period of time clause, but I'd bet its still a bargain compared to the exorbitant costs of the big carriers.

Apparently Verizon is already feeling the heat. I was paying $177 for two iphones and 10gb per month. This includes the 0% interest monthly payment for two iPhone 13’s (I think it’s $50-two phones @ $25/ea). Last month Verizon sent a text explaining they’d give me unlimited data plus everything I’m paying for already for $130. I jumped on it and, sure enough, it’s $40 less per month with unlimited data. Now after reading this I’m thinking even that may be expensive.

2 weeks ago

Thanks all..I'm going to ponder this. It would be a savings of $60 per month between my internet and cell phones. Right now im on an old grandfathered 4gb plan with Verizon for $105 a month two phones. My wife's one big concern is she wouldn't be able to use the guys on Mountain Ave (Verizon store) for quick phone repairs in the event of an issue. Not sure how things would work when say a Sim card goes bad etc...there they have on hand and fix is have to weigh options. Also xfinity would be a 3 year term/plan. The first two years is a contract the third year just price is locked in no penalty for leaving.

2 weeks ago

As far as having a quick repair or troubleshooting, you can run up to Comcast on Port Murray road. That's what my neighbors did. She found them very helpful and responsive.

I will not use Xfinity Mobil because you are required to agree to have automatic payments taken from your account. I do not let anyone take money from my account seems dangerous to me and my accountant told me I should never do that. With all the hacking etc. I am very leery of allowing anyone into my accounts. Just my opinion

Citychick Citychick
2 weeks ago

It's not just Xfinity. Lots of companies are changing their autopayment discounts to bank draft or debit card only. I believe Verizon has done the same. You can continue to use a regular credit card, of course, but you will no longer get the autopay discounts. We use T-Mobile 5G Home Internet, which is $50/month with the autopayment discount, but in another week or two, we will be paying $55 because, as others have said, I will not allow them the have access to by bank account or to my debit card.

I use a regular credit card for Verizon payments with no issue. The salesman assured me this deal would be good even without auto pay. I made sure he knew I'd not sign off otherwise. So it seems if you push back they bend. I still haven't made up my mind. I'm leery of change .. but saving money is a good thing these days.

2 weeks ago

The service is good, there are the same dead zones as Verizon.
We have 2 phones, 60 bucks a month and they gave us a 400 debit gift card. It's a no-brainer.

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