Construction Project

Is there any website I can go to check up on current road construction projects? They’ve been working recently at the intersection of Route 46 and East Avenue (by the defunct Hyundai dealership). It looks like they’re moving the light stanchions back further from the curb. Someone that said they’re going to be widening both sides of east Avenue. Let me know if anyone has any information.


TheSoundGuy TheSoundGuy
3 weeks ago

I would start with the "In the Works" tab on the NJDOT website. Or stop by when the crew is working and ask. I would absolutely guarantee there will be at least one person "supervising" while others work. LMAO!

Good to see some positive improvements at that intersection. Beyond the outdated and dangerous nature of it, the condition is simply abysmal.

Looks like this might be it. Probably got delayed due to the pandemic.

ManAboutTown ManAboutTown
3 weeks ago

Haha Greg, so true. There is always at least two to three guys leaning on shovels

3 weeks ago

I heard that the impact of this construction will be minimal as opposed to when the bridge gets replaced on East Ave.

If my memory is correct one of those light stanchions was damaged by a truck some months ago.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
3 weeks ago

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