Has anyone heard when there might be an apothecary opening in Hackettstown? Heard something about June.?

I would check with Laurie at the Hackettstown BID office. She usually knows what the word on the street is.


If they do put one in Hackettstown, hopefully they will not put it on a main road like Phillipsburg did. Theirs is on South Main Street and the people just walk out in front of the cars, open their doors with out looking, park half in the street just to get in line to purchase. Hopefully Hackettstown will use more common sense with the location.

Mr 4Paws Mr 4Paws
March 24th

Mr 4Paws, you're thinking of Apothecarium, the cannabis shop. I don't think that's what Lisa is asking about; I think an apothecary (these days) is someone who dispenses herbal remedies, but not "herb", lol.

ianimal ianimal
March 24th

LOL. Correct. It's the "other" herb. Most have herbs, oils, and other natural products including foods and cosmetics. Honestly not unlike Hackettstown Health Food on Moore Street or Empire Health Foods on Mountain Ave.

Apothecary = A Pot The Cary away away away .....ok, it doesn't work well but to the stoned, it's hilarious :>)

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