Recommendation(s) for Bankruptcy Lawyer (NJ)

Hi, my neighbor asked us today if we knew of any good attorneys that
specializes in bankruptcy law and do a good job at Chapter 13?
Would love to help him as if nothing else we would like to have him stay and remain our good neighbor instead of someone else taking over the house next door.

Please can some recco... Thanks

I've head good things about Joan Lavery right here in Hackettstown.

I do admire your honesty! Stating you want to help a neighbor and would really prefer they don't lose their home as a new neighbor may not measure up to your current one.

I hope all can be worked out for them for sure. Despite what some like to state times are very difficult and will continue to become increasingly worse for many millions of Americans.

Joan Lavery 100%

gabbied gabbied
Mar '23

I totally agree. Joan Lavery was the best. I know 3 people who have used her.

Joyce Polack Joyce Polack
Mar '23

Joan Lavery!

Thank you everyone!
It is great to have ref's and friends from HL Life for sure !

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