Tri County Fair

I drove by the fields where the fair was held today and they have been control burned. Does it mean a possible return of the fair ?

Robert Rowe Robert Rowe
Feb '23

Farmers often conduct prescribed burns on fields to promote the new growth coming up. I'm sure that's the case there. The fields produce income for the farmer. The use of the space for a few days for a fair seems to do more harm than good I would think.

Having the fair back would be wonderful!

Nallie Nallie
Feb '23

Is the fair you have mentioned here? If so:

Darleen Darleen
Feb '23

I don't think so Darleen. The Tri-County fair held in our area was either put together by or benefitted the Tri- County Volunteer Fire Company at that location along Rt57 in Mansfield. The area was called the Tri- County Fairgrounds when the Killer (Jerry Lee Lewis) played there in 1972...

Perhaps that is the same outfit and just happened to have the perfect name for the fair that was once held in our area.

If I remember correctly Jerry Lee Lewis played at the fair when it was held where the present day Home Depot is…correct me if I’m wrong.

Greg is right, Darleen. Different fair. I guess “Tri-County” is a popular carnival name. I really miss our fair, that was on Rt. 57 in Mansfield. We went every year for about 10-15? years. Anyone remember when Yasgurs Farm (the popular Woodstock cover band, from the eighties), played there? That was such a fun time. I felt like a teenager, again, until my kids needed more money for games, food and rides…lol. Ahhhh….the good old days.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
Feb '23

Also, there is a flea market there in May.

Roywhite Roywhite
Feb '23

If l see anything about the Tri-County Fair that you have mentioned, I will let you know. I tried.

Darleen Darleen
Feb '23

The old fair grounds is now owned by NJ Fish and Wildlife. A grant to reduce evasive species was granted to various ares around the state. That was the reason for the prescribed burn conducted by NJFFS. There was also the same type of burn at the Clinton Wildlife Management Area about a week ago.

Wildland Wildland
Feb '23

Appreciate you Wildland for setting the record straight!

Alamuche Alamuche
Feb '23

Dam, you are correct. Early 70's

ole' timer
Feb '23

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