FOUND wallet.

I found a wallet on the west side of town today (1/17). Check with the Hackettstown P.D. if you lost it.

Thank you for doing the right thing. There’s still good people out there:-)

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
1 week ago

I picked up my wallet from the Hackettstown Police Department, but when I looked inside the cash was gone....Not many good people out there.

I'll bite. You are correct, there are people who find a wallet, remove its contents and toss the rest. There are people who find a wallet remove the contents and turn it in. There are people who find a wallet, turn it in and before the owner retrieves it the contents are removed by someone else. There are people who find a wallet, turn it in, and the owner retrieves it with contents intact. Also, there are people who lose a wallet and misrepresent what was in the wallet when lost. And others simply get online and troll others regarding a lost wallet post.
Who knows what the outcome will be when an item is lost.
The moral of the story is simply don't lose your stuff LOL.

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