Can anyone identify ring maker mark?

Can anyone identify ring maker mark?

Found this buried in the woods-

Re: Can anyone identify ring maker mark?

Here is the mark-

18k, nice find! Im sorry I can’t help with the hallmark. It appears to be a fish with GMC? Is that right? Maybe General Motors got into jewelry at some point

2 weeks ago

I tired to google it but no luck …. Did find this we started stamping gold rings in 1906…

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
2 weeks ago

Maybe a jeweler has a book that has those makers marks in them? Can’t hurt. And I agree. 18K is a nice find!

Is it a number after the GM? GM could stand for the weight (grams) so if a number that would indicate the weight of the ring.

happiest girl
2 weeks ago

Possibly Gorham Manufacturing Company.

Peggy C. Peggy C.
2 weeks ago

Is that a Christian fish symbol?

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
2 weeks ago

"Is that a Christian fish symbol?"

Certainly looks like it.

Hi Josh, you can try the above link for a database on jeweler's marks.

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Re: Can anyone identify ring maker mark?
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