Found Cat

Found Cat

Is anyone missing a large, long haired, black and white cat in the Centenary college area? This girl has been riding out the cold in our garage for the last few days but finally let us bring her inside.

She is very friendly and comfortable with being handled. Makes me think she definitely belonged to someone at one time. If she is your please let me know.


Kate Park Kate Park
Dec '22

someone must be missing this beauty

4catmom 4catmom
Dec '22

This looks like the cat on the missing cat signs along grand Ave and by the movie theater

Summer Summer
Dec '22

I just thought the same thing Summer.
There is a sign just before the underpass bridge and it looks just like this cat!
Can someone get the number off the sign and post it here?

Is there an update on this beauty?

Kate - Nevermind. I just texted my daughter and it’s not her. Zoey lived near the college- so I had thought it was.

Hadley Hadley
Jan '23

She isn't the cat from the posters on Grand. We took her to the Vet and she was chipped. Unfortunately the person listed as her owner on the microchip says they don't remember ever having this cat. Very strange.

I believe the cat Zoey once belonged to neighbors of ours but was rehomed when they moved.

So she is living with us now. She is very sweet and was obviously someones pet at one point. We didn't want to keep her if someone was missing her but it doesn't look like that is the case.

Kate Park Kate Park
Jan '23

That's very strange about the address on the microchip. Perhaps they dumped her and didn't want to confess to it. Either way, congratulations on your new cat!

honestyseasy honestyseasy
Jan '23

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