Mesh Router Recommendation

Hi, I know this forum has been good to me with regards to recomendations so I am going to ask again the community on this. I did searched the forum but it id embedded withih another topic and the last one I saw was back in 2020. So here we go.

I am in the market for this mesh router/mesh wifi system. I live in a three floor townhome and its always an issue on the last floor. I had bought a long time ago the wifi extender and I know its time to upgrade. I jut need to know what is best out there. I looked around and look like somewhere between Netgear Orbi, TP link, Eero and Google. They are a bit expensive so needed some input from anyone. Thank you so much in advance!

HcktwnSoccerMom HcktwnSoccerMom
Nov '22

I've had the Google Mesh for about 5 years now... no complaints whatsoever. Think I paid $270 for the router and two additional Wifi mesh points.

ianimal ianimal
Nov '22

I use the Meshforce M1 system in my home which has worked wonderfully over the years. I even purchased additional mesh satellites to have 5, rather than 3 that comes standard. It is much more reasonably priced than other mesh systems so it might be worth it to check it out:
There is also the M3 system and the newer and more expensive M7 system. But it all depends on your needs.

Joe Friday Joe Friday
Nov '22

I live in a 3 floor TH & used Eero - love it!

Thank you ianimal and Luca.
I assume it is an easy set up right?

HcktwnSoccerMom HcktwnSoccerMom
Nov '22

The Google system setup is all done through a smartphone app that is very intuitive. It was its own stand-alone app back when I first installed the system, but has since been incorporated into the "Google Home" app.

ianimal ianimal
Nov '22

Do they give you max speed or just the signal extension?

I used the comcast ones and they throttle the speed way down. The range extension is fine, but unless out of range from router, the speed step down sucks.

Funny story; at the same time i was doing this; i went wired to up the speed and got a worse step down in speed. Apparently the world had moved beyond cat 5 and the cable couldn’t handle the truth. Either could comcast support so took a few calss until I figured it out. Anyone want a few mikes of cat 5? Just kidding.

Babbit Babbit
Nov '22

Babbit, the mesh router system is not extenders. They create an area wide equal network around the devices. All will have equal speed to your cable modem connection. If you have 150 you will get that all over the network from room-to-room seamlessly with no losses through the devices. It is what the name describes, a mesh network everywhere in your house.

i got it. but mine says mesh and it is a step-down.

if i do it again, I hear ya and I will be sure.

babit babit
Nov '22

I got an eero mesh system back in 2020 when we were all schooling/working from home and I have been very happy with it. I used Rodney Houle, the Technology Handyman, to come evaluate my house and install everything. (I was tired of my kids complaining about the wifi dropping and wanted to make sure everything was done the best it could be.) Rodney was great, including evaluating the best place in the house to put the beacons (which are the extra plug in things that go throughout the house). His website is

Jersey Girl Jersey Girl
Nov '22

Thank You Jack Friday! I am so sorry I missed your feedback. And for everyone, same thank you for the feedback. I am checking out stores/online for the best price. Will keep you posted.

HcktwnSoccerMom HcktwnSoccerMom
Nov '22

Joe n M: I looked up the M1 mesh and indeed it's a step down to 100Mbps.

The M3 is 300Mbps on 2.4 and 800 on 5ghz, so much more bandwidth. They both have lan ports, not sure what that is, perhaps a cable, but not sure if inbound or outbound access and does it matter to speed.

I have over 1Gbps off the router and would like to maintain. The 100Mbps is probably good enough for most of my devices, son was video editing and it just didn't cut it. I have a detached garage and find it funny to be able to stream audio and video to devices in the man cave.

Babit Babit
Nov '22

I use optimum and 2 optimum extenders. Works great and 100mbs internet is free if u qualify

Dec '22

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