Fresh Milk Hackettstown

Does anyone know of a good farm selling fresh milk? I need for cheese.

Thank you.

Try Valley Shepherd Creamery in Long Valley perhaps.

If you are looking for fresh raw milk, I don't think it's legal to sell in NJ. Try in PA..if you know a farmer willing to give you some, that's a different story

Nov '22

Raw milk isn't necessary for cheese making. Just buy fresh & organic.

Kleins in Tatamy PA sells raw milk. For cheese you need to avoid ultra pasteurized milk -which can be hard to find.

Hktownie Hktownie
Nov '22

Your best bet is springhouse creamery milk just south west of newton, they have a self serve stand. You can also get it at tranquility farms. It is pasteurized, but not homogenized, Which i think makes great yogurt and fresh mozzarella.

Ryeguy Ryeguy
Nov '22

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Re: Fresh Milk Hackettstown
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