Tree Themes and Decoration/Ornaments

Just wondering what everyone is planning on doing with their tree/house this year.
I want to do mauve and gold theme on tree this year, with white/gold garland and gold rain.

Thoughts, anyone this year. Thanks

We don't do a "theme" beyond Christmas tree.

We have a mixture of antique ornaments that belonged to grandparents and godparents. Ones made by our kids when they were young, many that students gave me or our kids gave us. So our tree doesn't change from year to year. We just pull out the treasured ornaments and revel in the memories.

summerrain1 summerrain1
2 weeks ago

No tree here, as usual.

Calico696 Calico696
2 weeks ago

Same as summerrain1 except my grandkids and cat do the tree and house decorating and un-decorating. ( : - ) .

Spring Fever Spring Fever
2 weeks ago

That sounds like a great tree, summerrain1. We’re a younger family so my wife’s been building up the ornament collection only recently. Every year a few new ones go up and a few of the default shiny orbs that come in 24 packs comes down. I didn't get the whole “ornament collecting” thing at first but now that it’s starting to fill up I think it’s pretty cool.

2 weeks ago

My wife and I have a Christmas light theme of candy cane colors . Come check out our driveway lights on mount rascal road . Hopefully by this weekend or beginning of next week we will be 100 % operating on all lights and decorations

Mike, that's very nice of you to mention your display.
We'll head out soon :)

We buy at least one ornament on vacation and alot of tree is a reminder of places we have been

2 weeks ago

I try to do the same when we travel. All of the ornaments on our tree have some meaning. There is not one plain one.

Blackcat123 Blackcat123
2 weeks ago

Re: Tree Themes and Decoration/Ornaments

Our theme this year will be gingerbread characters. I plan on decorating my outside with a gingerbread house and boys and girls so my inside tree will carry the same decor - I feel like a kid this time of year . . . such fun !

Whitney Torning Whitney Torning
1 week ago

Every ornament on my tree is a momento, going back to 1975. I have a few from WWII era my grandmother gave me. I can recall where every ornament came from. Although I love each and every one, it’s time to downsize. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. No two ornaments are alike. Makes me sad, but it’s got to be done. Throwing them in the garbage is not an option. Many of you have seen pictures of my Christmas village, it’s time to say goodbye to that also. It’s sad no family is interested. Thanks HL friends.

auntiel auntiel
1 week ago


if you have Christmas Village, I may be interested.
P,M ,me

A bird ornament tree is very pretty this time of year :)

Auntiel, my tree is like yours, no two ornaments alike. I’ve given away some of them the last two years to people looking to start their own collection. Like you, I know where each ornament came from. It’s like taking a walk down memory lane when I’m decorating it.

A few years ago there used to be a warehouse on Sandshore Rd that would open for public sales once a month or so. I think they did estate clean outs. I picked up a bunch of old ornaments there. I would see the ones of dogs or cats with names and would get sad thinking those pets had passed, as did their owners.
When my mom was packing up for her move to Florida, I took whatever ornaments I wanted, mostly the vintage ones I remembered from when I was little.

Blackcat123 Blackcat123
1 week ago

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