Missing Female Cat

Missing Female Cat

"Bubs" has been missing since early Saturday, Nov 5th around the Center St area of town.

She has a white underbelly, four (4) white paws, white on her nose, white 'v' neck and a 'stubby' tail.

She is a bit skittish but approachable. She will eat table food if you try to give her some, in order to get a better look or try to get her in an enclosed area.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Tasha  McMaster Tasha McMaster
3 weeks ago

I think she was in my yard on Friday night....just caught sight of her backend. But that would have been November 4th...?

I live in 300 block of W Plane Street. I have been keeping an eye out for her as I saw your post afterwards.

Hope she comes home soon.

FYI .... I spoke with Robbie today from Animal Control as I am looking for a missing black, feral cat.... He didn't recall a black cat being picked up recently and I am sure he would have mentioned a tuxedo cat if he had picked one up since they have so much black on them.

I also called Common Sense for Animals. Last animal over the past week that has been brought in was a pitbull...no kitties.

Fingers crossed and prayers for your kitty's safe return.

She got out early hours on Sat Morning.

Appreciate you looking out for her and putting the feelers out for me!

Tasha  McMaster Tasha McMaster
3 weeks ago

Any updates on your kitty?

We got her back last night.

Thanks for keeping an eye out!

Tasha  McMaster Tasha McMaster
2 weeks ago

Yeah! So happy for her return.....now if I could only find out what happened to the stray black cat that is missing from my yard for the past week....

Tasha - So glad your cat came back home!!

Hackresident Hackresident
2 weeks ago

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