New Coffee Flavors- Holiday Faves

Always looking forward to 'Tis the Season for the Holidays and new coffee flavors for same :)
I like Kris Kringle Coffee from Barnie's.
Does anyone have another fave they would love to share?

Kris Kringle coffee from Quick check is good. I also like their pumpkin spice coffee.

October 30th

Kris Kringle from QC!

Blackcat123 Blackcat123
October 31st

Pumpkin Spice at Wawa is the best, add a little extra pumpkin sauce to it :)

sally jo
October 31st

does anyone like any online coffee flavors as well?

Flavors?? No...but great locally roasted options from Kings Gambit in Belvidere
Santa Mama in the town of Water Gap
And Greenes Beans right here on High St

Illo thanks
how much is the roasted coffee per pound at KG

Good question - they usually sell 12 Oz bags like most roasters. they have subscription plans too

Thanksgiving Blend from Starbucks and Holiday Blend from Peet's...

Hi, ianimal
Where can you buy the Holiday Blend (Peets) from? S Rite here in Mansfield?

Which ones have you tried?
Stagg looks good.

AJMS, I buy it fresh roasted online. But, Shoprite certainly might have it as well.

ianimal, just ordered Peet's from Amazon.
Thanks for the mention,

I have tried most of them and enjoy every roast from the local companies - depends on what you're looking for (medium, dark, more fruit or chocolate/nut notes). Check the description on the individual pages

Illo, thanks.

ianimal, just tried Peet's.
A primo mix! Thanks

AJMS, become a Peetnik (-;

I go back and forth between Peet's and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Both are very good. I like the French Roast and Arabian Mocha Java.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
1 week ago

Arabian Mocha Java is from which name MeisterNJ?

Can anyone recommend a “regular” coffee to try from greenes beans? I was going to buy a pound but they have almost too many options. I like a full bodied coffee without any “flavoring” (French vanilla pumpkin spice) stuff added.

Is Colombian the way to go? Or is it a waste to buy Colombian from a place like that since every grocery store has 27 varieties of Colombian?

1 week ago

Most South American coffees are very smooth and milder. If you want something more robust go for an Indonesian coffee like their Sumatra - that's a favorite of mine. They sometimes also have one from New Guinea that's good too.

If you want to stick with the smoother South American style but fuller, try their Costa Rican.

The Colombian is good, but to me any style coffee like that is way too smooth for coffee I like. The other favorite I have from Greene's Beans is the Tanzania peaberry. Not the usual sooty note from an African coffee but like you crossed African coffee with the Sumatra.

Thanks GC. I’ll try Sumatra and Costa Rican.

1 week ago

I’ll have to remember the great coffee I got from Greene’s beans last Christmas . I wish I can remember the name. It was a seasonal one and so delicious

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