Found Kitten

Last night a young black and white tuxedo cat showed up in my yard crying very loudly.

My property is located on West Plane Street between Madison and Monroe Streets.

Tried to catch the kitty but couldn't. The kitty ate some food and after about almost 2 hours of trying to catch the kitty, he or she retreated under some parked vehicles.

No sign of the kitten so far today.

I am sorry that I don't have any photos but am hoping that someone in the area is the owner so that I know the kitten is not a stray.

Has the owner of the kitten been located yet?

No Claire....and there has not been any further sightings of the kitty.

Hoping that the kitty has a home and that is why I haven't t seen it since the other night.

If it was a stray, I truly believe it would have stayed around.

The kitty was definitely too young, in my opinion, to be outside, further comment.

Hello I live near by and I saw this cat as well as 2 or 3 other young cats recently so I believe a stray mama has given birth in the area recently, I attempted trapping them with no success

DBSC19... I sent you a direct message... Rudy

DBSC19.... Have you seen a black cat in the area recently? The kitty is a medium- sized cat.....maybe around 8 lbs. The kitty has been missing for about a is a feral kitty.
Please email me at:

We have a cute grey kitten coming to our back porch every day. We've been feeding him and am worried since it's getting colder. I'm not sure what the best thing to do is. I"ve called the shelter we got our cats from but they said they're full of strays so can't take any more.

Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks and happy thanksgiving everyone!

friendly mcface friendly mcface
6 days ago

If it's a kitten, kitten post a pic on Facebook and someone might take it or start a new topic post so more helpful people can see it

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