Was told I need a breast biopsy done. Just wondering what the best place to go for this? Is it painful?
Appreciate any comments re biopsy, Nervous about it.
thank you!

Sorry to hear that doglover, you will feel some pain and Hackettstown Hospital has several places you could go to have it done. But there is the issue with insurance and if those places are in your network. Atlantic Health is really good thoug

September 30th

Did your doctor have suggestions for surgeons? I loved Dr. San Agustin in Morristown. Excellent and great bedside manner. I wish you the very best of luck and outcome. After any surgery, you'll have pain from healing, though. We're all different with levels we handle, etc. Best to you.

September 30th

I would think a reputable breast surgeon is the likely place to start. Did the doctor who told you to get a biopsy recommend anyone?

Atlantic Health web site has a number of specialists and I’d suggest looking at Healthgrades and Vitals web site for their ratings and reviews.

By the way, I have had a biopsy and it’s different for everyone

Go to Sloan Kettering! Why would you go anywhere else when the best is literally in your backyard? I have been there and they are wonderful!

Go to Dr. Gross n Hackettstown. He did both my biopsies and he's fabulous.

I used Dr. Campion on Bilby Road for my Biopsy..He was wonderful..It hurt a little….Good luck!

Havaclue17 Havaclue17
September 30th

I agree with Hoppy. I've been under the care of Dr. Gross for over a year. He did a lumpectomy on my breast last October. Great doctor & very nice man!

Joyce Polack Joyce Polack
October 1st

Is it a needle biopsy?
Dr. Priya Jadeja in Florham Park though I think there is an office also in Sparta.
This is through Summit Health.
You'll get numbed up though there may be discomfort.
Everyone's pain tolerance is different.

Blackcat123 Blackcat123
October 1st

Dr campion is wonderful!

Thank you all for your help - appreciate it!

Dog lover Dog lover
October 1st

I just went through it and never should have. I should have gotten a 2nd opinion before I had the biopsy. I never needed one. Please get a 2nd opinion before you go through it. It hurt alot!!
If you would like to talk to me, please message me.

Sherry, no offense, but don't throw a scare into her. That's not right, either.

October 3rd

Dr. Montes at Hunterdon Women’s Imaging Center 908-782-4700. They will use a local anesthetic.

I agree with 3wbdwnj. Dr. Montes is incredible!

A biopsy should not hurt. And, hopefully, it rules out cancer. Don't worry about something that hasn't happened yet!

On p66 in the current NJ Monthly magazine is some info on Dr. Montes. It looks like she has offices in Washington too at the Hawk Pointe Medical Office Bldg. 908-237-4106

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