School Board Elections

I'm having trouble finding information about the platforms of the people running for school board election this year. Does anyone have links to somewhere I can read about their positions? I like to make an informed vote.

According to the mail-in ballot I got, the people running this year are Jill Adamec, Jessica A. Thompson, Mary Beth Maciag, and Jami Cavanagh (plus anyone running as a write-in of course). If anyone has info on their platforms I'd appreciate it!

I know it's politics, but try to keep things civil lol :)

This is the thread started by Jami Cavanagh last year. She does offer some insight as to her position on several topics. Now with some time served, perhaps she will have other views and or thoughts.

Read through (ignore the troll comments LOL) then perhaps direct message her so she can join in the conversation here.

Also just a thought, try contacting WRNJ as often they will have a discussion with candidates set up. Email or call Joyce Estey at the news department.

Thank you! I'll definitely look into that

Vote for Jill. She has a wonderful lady who has children in the school system

Kittymommy2022 Kittymommy2022
September 26th

Their email addresses are on their application, you can always email each candidate and ask them their views.

I'm happy to hear that you are actively seeking information before voting. Many don't. Vote wisely.

Hello Hackettstown Community Members!!

My name is Jessica Thompson. Along with Jami Cavanagh and Mary Beth Maciag, we are running for seats on the Hackettstown Board of Education. Please visit our Facebook page for updates and information. We will be getting a 'Meet the Candidates' post together in the next day or so. We look forward to hearing from anyone who has questions or simply just wants to know more about who we are and what we hope to achieve as BOE members. Jami and Mary Beth are both current and active BOE members and I would be a new addition.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to talking with you all.

If you are not yet a registered voter, click here to start the process. You have until Oct. 18th.

Jessica Thompson Jessica Thompson
September 28th

Jessica Thompson, Mary Beth Maciag and myself have posted more information on our Facebook Page about who we are, our experience and our top 3 issues if you would like to learn more please check it out. Also, we are here for any questions you have!

Jami Cavanagh Jami Cavanagh
October 20th

I'm a little confused why three people are running together for individual board positions? Does this mean you all will be voting the same on issues? Shouldn't the board members be speaking up for their individual ideas and running on individual platforms rather than three all with the same ideas? Honest question, not a judgement as I agree with their positions; just a little confused about this and why there is one shared FB page for 3 separate candidates.

October 20th

Your school board candidates were on WRNJ last week talking about different issues - hope you were able to tune in! If you would like to learn more about some of the candidates for school board, you can check out this page:

The Hackettstown school board has a lot of important work to do including hiring the superintendent… and the opportunity to bring back the class III police presence in the schools… among other many issues.

Polls are open until 8!

Jami Cavanagh Jami Cavanagh
3 weeks ago

Don’t forget the ever important duck race one of the boards highest achievements.

The duck race was a function by the Hackettstown Foundation for Educational Excellence, not the Board of Education.

summerrain1 summerrain1
3 weeks ago

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