villa venice Great Meadows

Does anyone know if Villa Venice in Great Meadows is open for business.
Nobody answers their phone and after many rings, there is a message saying that their mail box is full.
I tried calling them a couple of weeks ago and again today.

Per their Facebook page: closed Sept 12th through 26th for vacation.

September 25th

thank you!

The web says Villa Venice is permanently closed! Oh no, say it isn't so.

It was crowded on Thursday night.

Roywhite Roywhite
October 1st

Drove past last night & was dark with no cars, Looked closed to me.

Their Facebook page says permanently closed! It was up dated 16 hours ago !

Strange, wonder what happened

October 2nd

Hope everybody is OK from Villa Venice

October 3rd

I miss Joe. Loved hearing his stories of when he came to the US.

A mutual friend said he (Joe) passed away from Covid in 2020. Family tried to make a go of it but couldn’t. It’s a shame. It was a great little place, his food was great. I remember when he had the restaurant in Hackettstown before moving to GM.

What a loss, what a crying shame. Too many lost to covid. Joe was a great guy, great stories. He once told me how he won a pizza tossing contest in Allentown --- not sure if highest, fastest, best, or a combination --- but he won and was very, rightfully so, proud of his toss. For a guy not from Italy, he made a nice pizza, turned that building into a nice establishment, true loss to the community.

We really enjoyed going there!
Where are we going to go now for the "garbage pie" ?
(thats what it was called on their menu)
It was the pizza with everything on it!

October 5th

Villa Venice,

Raise your prices (like all the other restaurants have) and open up!

October 11th

They had raised their prices.

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