No Gallon Size Jugs of Water?

No stores (Walmart, Shop-Rite or Weis) in the area have any Gallon size jugs of Brand Name water on their shelves. Is that size container no longer being made?

Pooder Pooder
Sep '22

They were Poland Spring gallons at Target last week.

Mel81 Mel81
Sep '22

Weis had 3 packs of gallon jugs yesterday

Sep '22

Up here in Maine finding bottled water on the store shelves is hit or miss. Some days there are 24 bottle Poland Spring cases, other times only in six packs, sometimes none at all - and Maine is where a large amount - if not all Poland Spring Water is bottled.

Weis in randolph has them .99 cents a gallon

Deliveries are ppssibly getting redirected to Florida?

Sep '22

There were plenty of gallon jugs at shoprite on Monday and tons at target yesterday

Dollar store Washington New Jersey

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Re: No Gallon Size Jugs of Water?
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