Did jets or something just fly over loudly?

I couldn't see out, but there was a very loud sound going on. Anyone know if anything passed over Allamuchy/Hackettstown just now? (2:40ish)

September 24th

Flight Tracker is showing a Delta flight was recently in that area.

Spring Fever Spring Fever
September 24th

I've never heard anything overhead so loud. I was thinking of fighter jets or a crash was going to happen. Yikes.

September 24th


It's quite possible that someone strayed into a no-fly zone. Not sure if Pres. Biden had left NYC yet after addressing the UN General Assembly.

Nixel alert said helicopters flying Amtrak train lines searching for train line issues. Possibly that is what you heard. I guess the helicopters were flying low along train line ?

It was two jets flew over my house. Beyond loud could feel the rumble in my chest.

What time did you hear the noise? Last night (Saturday) the space x rocket flew over.

Yes, I know about Space X, but that was night time. Like I said, this was about 2 in the afternoon. Scared the bajesus out of me. LOL

September 25th

Good thing that giant military transport aircraft that flew over south plainfield didn't fly over Hackettstown..we would have had panic in the streets

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Re: Did jets or something just fly over loudly?
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