Bakery/Baker Recommendation 2022

I am looking for someone or someplace that makes personalized cookies and cake-pops for a baby shower.

Thank you in advance.

grandma d grandma d
3 weeks ago

I would call Giancarlos in Ledgewood. Very highly recommended.

Cafe Pierrot in Sparta, hands down.

3 weeks ago

Courtney's baking creations
If you send me a message I will give you her information and also a picture of the cake she made, so you can see her work.

I second the Giancarlos recommendation.

only one truth only one truth
3 weeks ago

There's no place like Giancarlos. Take one walk through there, that will be your go to! They're always bring out fresh pastries and cookies through out the day, and their cakes (and mini cakes are spectacular. Their reputation is super and I'm pretty sure that they have been around for many years. You will be happy. Fun place!

Giancarlo's. Excellent, and not too far from the H'town general area.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
3 weeks ago

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