Neutering male cat no wait time

Hi wanted to find out if someone can give me advice on finding a vet that doesn't have a two month turnaround time for neutering a male cat.
Every time I call a vet they say they have to see the the cat first then a series of shots this then and the other I really need to get him done before then for reasons quite obvious LOL.
Please let somebody know if there's some kind of spay neuter program or something where there's no wait time

AJMS neutering is not an emergency. Most vets won’t do that procedure for a house cat unless it’s had an exam, vaccinated for Rabies, tested for FIV/FeLV, etc. Make the appointment now. You could also be put on a waiting list so if they get a cancellation you could get in earlier.

try no nonsense neutering in the Lehigh Valley

Had enough Had enough
September 2nd

Route 46 Mine Hill on the left after light by Canfield. Can't remember the name. Didn't require things before. This was years ago. Good luck.

4 weeks ago

Go to Pennsylvania. That’s where I get mine neutered and declawed

Little kitty
4 weeks ago

You should really get the shots and everything. The pre exams are not only to ensure the well being of the cat but yours and any other animal he might come into contact with. They want to make sure he's not going to react poorly to anesthesia too. (BEWARE feline urethral obstruction.) And request pain medication if they don't give it to you. He's a cat, he's not going to get addicted, it will save him pain, and you the trouble of dealing with an aggressive pet. I went online for the friends of animals certificate, then had my cat's shots and neutering done at Hackettstown animal hospital.

I was going to suggest friends of animals, too. You pay up front, get a certificate, and go to a participating vet. Check out the website.

Just an FYI, FOA certs may put you further down the priority line as far as appointments go. If you’re not willing to pay the vet directly by using the cert, they don’t have to book you very quickly.

are you for real ? wouldn't you want to do the right best thing for your pet. you should take the docs advice. do payments if thats an issue problem, sending your loved pet to a fast chop shop is like an underground joan rivers deal.. put your thinking cap on get some smarts

tangerine tangerine
4 weeks ago

I called Friends of Animals (FOA)(online), I paid $85 for spay certificate,$61 for neuter and Fredon Animal Hospital made appointment within a week because I had FOA certificate. I requested vaccinations and dewormer, extra cost. Also I requested ear tipping to show that the cat is fixed. These were rescued homeless kittens that went up for adoption. I'll be glad to answer any questions 908-850-6194 (Lori).

Lori Nagy Lori Nagy
3 weeks ago

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