Trapped Cat

So I was shopping at the Phillipsburg kohl's yesterday and noticed a cat wandering around the vacant area of the mall through the glass doors. I'm not sure how it got in or if it knows how to get out or even if it belongs to anyone but I feel bad for it. Throwing it outside is just going to get it hit by a car on the main road or it could find its way back in plus there's always the possibility of kittens or belonging to a squatter that could be hiding inside. There's been talk of replacing the building with warehouses so I'd hate for the poor thing to be stuck inside when it's finally torn down.

so what could you do about it?

4catmom 4catmom
August 9th

You could try calling Robbie, the ACO that I've seen on Facebook frequently. I don't know if he covers that area of the County but he might have some suggestions or be willing to help. I don't know his number, but maybe someone on here would know. I think he does work for Mansfield Township, so maybe someone in their Municipal Bldg. or Police Dept. would know. Good luck. Thank you for being concerned.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
August 9th

animal rescue in Pburg- woman is very nice.
I will place a call to her and find out options.

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