Olivia Newton John

RIP Olivia Newton John.
You were a wonderful entertainer.
God Bless you and your family friends and co workers. You will be missed !!

Bob Kunkel Bob Kunkel
August 8th

Like the "Fly Away" song she sang with John Denver,
she flew away to heaven. RIP Olivia. You will be missed.

She lived 30 years w/ cancer, most of it healthy until the last 3 years i heard (via a video of Jane Seymour this week). I was so sad to hear the news on Monday.

MansfieldVillager MansfieldVillager
August 10th

A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice who cared about others. RIP Olivia Newton John.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
August 10th

What an iconic number in black leather in Grease. What a classy lady. Sold those pants, with broken zipper, in 2019 for over $400k, proceeds to her cancer foundation.

Zipper story; so tight she was sown in. Thus the breakage. It just makes it all better. “Tell me ‘bout it, Stud…”.

Love "Grease". ONJ is an Icon. So sad. Beautiful lady and so sweet. Glad I was able to see her 1 time in concert.

Hackresident Hackresident
August 12th

Hackresident, where did you see her in concert?
So fortunate!

I saw ONJ in New York State, my friend said about 11 years ago. (I thought it was longer). It was at the time when her low back was hurting and he had to cancel some concerts afterward. Then she found out that she had her cancer spread to her low-back/ spine.

Wasn't she also at the State Theater in Easton, PA in the last 5-20 years?

Hackresident Hackresident
August 14th

Darn, i was right. i missed her!!


Hackresident Hackresident
August 14th

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