Nest thermostat free from Elizabethtown gas

Elizabethtown gas is giving away free first generation Nest thermostats. You just have to pay for shipping. It was very easy to install. We’ve been wanting to try one but didn’t want to pay a hundred dollars and then not like it. This was a good way to do a test run. Nest makes more sophisticated models, this one’s pretty simple. I think the app could be a little more intuitive but it’s not horrible.

You can find them on Elizabethtown Gas Marketplace.

Best invest in having nest support sites and telephone numbers at hand…. Often the servers go down rendering ap useless, good to know sites that can indicate that if ap gets funky so you can sit back and wait versus mucking with things. Thermostat still works locally, but not through ap when that happens. Can drive you crazy. Plus, if thermostat itself gets funky, nest support helps, better with US, not Philippines accent.

I do like mine, more so now that I know what to do for help on server outages and client restarts. When google took over, it took a while for them to get their act together for support. Seems pretty good now.

I like ours - like that I can change setting with phone app - so when we're on our way home we can adjust the temp --
it can be a pain in the arse figuring out some of the settings options - but overall I'm happy with it--bought it a few years ago - no freebies then

4catmom 4catmom
August 8th

I would make sure you didn't unwillingly get enrolled in some sort of "energy saver" program. ERCOT in Texas got caught raising temperatures on thermostats on very hot days after a similar smart thermostat give away.

no such problem --- we are in complete control of all the settings- just occasionally a bit funky deciding what setting makes most sense to us

4catmom 4catmom
August 8th

Call me crazy, a conspiracy theorist or even a Luddite but I would never use a device provided by the electric company which can be controlled remotely. If I really wanted one that bad I’d pay the $99 (with free shipping) and buy one online.

Same with those car insurance company chips/trackers you plug into your car to “lower” your insurance rates. Every day there seems to be a new way to encroach on our privacy and autonomy. What are people thinking? “The company that sells me electricity is going to help me buy less of their product”? “The company that insures my car wants me to pay them less money to insure it”?

I think I can handle turning my thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer when I leave my house.

August 9th

Unless someone hacks your wifi, only you can control the thermostat.
you can also wrap it in aluminum foil, lol

Using a Nest thermostat allows the power company to adjust your settings remotely. I believe there is a way to block it, but this is a common feature. A few of my friends unexpectedly had no air conditioning during the last heatwave.

Read the whole article please. Here is an exerpt: Rogers was likely enrolled in tech company EnergyHub's "Smart Savers Texas" program, which says that in exchange for entry into a sweepstakes, customers can allow their utility company to control their temperature during periods of high demand.

"During a demand-response event, Smart Savers Texas increases the temperature on participating thermostats by up to 4 degrees to reduce energy consumption and relieve stress on the grid," Erika Diamond, EnergyHub's vice president of customer solutions, told Insider.
They can unenroll....I don't think we have any such program here

4catmom 4catmom
August 9th

“Rogers was likely enrolled in tech company EnergyHub's "Smart Savers Texas" program” “Likely” means they don’t know…

“I don't think we have any such program here” I would find out for certain.

August 9th

Put your tinfoil hats away. It is the same device sold in the store. Elizabethtown Gas does not have access. We control it. Besides, I like to think I am intelligent enough to read the dial. It's set exactly where I set it.

"Unless someone hacks your wifi, only you can control the thermostat.
you can also wrap it in aluminum foil, lol"

Bahahahaaa... umm.. it's not the others that are crazy here...

Call it foil all you want - if your device is connected- and yes, I mean ANY device- then someone somewhere is monetizing it, and controlling the response- whether you realize it or not.

Your TV, your phone, your computer in more ways that you can possibly imagine, and anything else 'plugged in'.

There will be a time- within our lifespan - where people go out of their way to open and physically disable such things- or avoid them whatsoever.

And- no, I am not a weirdo- just aware.

Example- I know people that do 'digital media'- they know if you open their email, or not, what parts you read, where you scroll, for how long,where your mouse is, yes where your eyes are, what you click on, etc, etc...

You are surrounded by data inputs you willingly provide- some by direct interface of what you do with your computer / phone- but already by many others- your car, your thermostat, your TV, and many modern appliances are 'wi-fi'. All data mining every single minutia point they can. Not just camera and microphone- but how often and how you do every single thing you do.

It's no mistake Amazon alreay has beside clocks with 'alexa' and cameras- and they just paid well over A BILLION dollars to buy ROOMBA!!

So now they can map your house and more....

Do you really think they care a BILLION + to clean your floor? No.

It's all data.

How many of you have a RING doorbell? Most do- and think nothing of it.

Wake up.

The Nest thermostat connects back to their computers over WiFi. Those servers can update your software and yes, they can also control the settings. From the article the people that happened to signed contracts to allow it. It gave authorization to Nest to let the power company adjust the AC.

The same things happen with Google Home or Alexa when you set up a device for its use. Plenty of those have to go to some other server where your device is registered. If those remote devices aren't what you want, be careful of what you sign up for. Ready the agreements and know how they work.

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