Local E-bike rental?

Hi all,

Is anyone aware of any local businesses that rent electric bikes?

Aug '22

I don't think there are any rental places in our area. There is a an e bike shop opposite the Budd Lake diner on 46. They may know of the closest place to rent.

You may be better off going to Asbury Park for example for the day and renting one there. Several shore towns have them.

A friend and I have built a few e bikes from classic Cannondale bikes. We are looking at all of the legal issues with making these conversions for folks as what we are building are fast, high powered and not your grandmother's e bike. ( I hit 39 MPH on a 1995 Cannondale Super V 900 we did). LOL. Lots of rules and regulations coming out daily it seems as it relates to the e bike industry. We are looking at a niche as we are using customer supplied bikes then making the conversion.

Can you ride a e-bike on the road?..sounds awful close to a moped

Aug '22

“We are looking at all of the legal issues with making these conversions for folks…”

Good luck. Probably need a multi-million $$ insurance policy for when someone crashes (even through no fault of your work). Wouldn’t surprise me if NJ considered you a motor vehicle manufacturer/dealer with whatever laws that includes, since e-bikes are covered by NJ Title 39 and have licensing requirements (at a minimum you wouldn’t be allowed to operate out of you residence).

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Aug '22

“Can you ride a e-bike on the road?..sounds awful close to a moped”

Pretty much…. There’s are a couple “classes” of e-bike, but if it has power without pedaling it seems you need a license, etc.


Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
Aug '22

I read about the National Night Out tonight as the town pool. It says Marty's will have eBikes for people to try out. You might be about to rent them as well as buy.

Thanks everyone. I rented one for a week in OBX last year and it was the most fun I’d had on a bike in forever. The top speed was 40kph (so…28mph?). Doesn’t seem that fast until you’re on a 4’ wide sidewalk zipping around. I just thought if there was a local place I could rent one from to roll around for a day it would be fun. Looking further into it, they really aren’t all that expensive. 750w bikes from no-name companies on Amazon are under $1k.

Aug '22

a local resident approached Town Council at last month's meeting about opening a E-bike rental business. Right now there is an ordinance that would need to be amended to allow them if the town so chooses. Also, since Main st is a state highway the state would have to be involved to allow them on state roads.

Jim L. Jim L.
Aug '22

According to email from police dept, there will be ebikes to try at tonight's night out at the pool.

Come join the Hackettstown Police Department at the National Night Out event on Tuesday August 2, 2022 from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. at the Pool Field located next to the Hackettstown Community Pool (499 Warren St).
Some Activities/Organizations/Businesses Include:
-Hackettstown Stormwater Management
-The Hackettstown Fire Department and the Hackettstown First Aid and Rescue Squad will have vehicles on display
-Mars Wrigley will be handing out free candy (while supplies last)
-Wawa of Hackettstown
-Blue Star Mothers of North Warren NJ-7 Chapter
-Atlantic Health System/Hackettstown Medical Center
-Parent to Parent Addiction Services, Inc of Warren County with the Hope One Recovery Van
-Family Guidance Center of Warren County
-Empowering Change Mental Health
-Norwescap New Jersey Child and Family Resource Services
-Hackettstown Area Girl Scouts
TSA CHEER Senior Recreation Competition Team will be doing a demonstration at 6:30 p.m.
-The Drill Team, from Puppy-Wuppy Dog Training, Hackettstown, will be giving a demonstration at 7:00 p.m. The Drill Team was created to educate the public on proper dog behaviors in public, how to create, develop, and illustrate the bond between dog and owner through obedience training and proper socialization
-WRNJ Radio 104.7FM 105.7FM 92.7FM 1510AM
Hackettstown Business Improvement District (BID) will be hosting a Wellness Fair:
-Center Point Wellness
-Marty's Reliable Cycle (Will have e-bikes for people to try)
-Right at Home Health Care
-Feet 'N Beyond of New Jersey, P.A.
-Bright Smiles 4 Kids
-Real-Time Fitness
-Lorrie Koonz, BSN, RN, CEN, EMT Stroke Program Manager at Hackettstown Medical Center
-Marley's Gotham Grill Wings & Things Food Truck will be handing out free wings (while supplies last)
-Free food (while supplies last) donated by Applebee's Grill + Bar in Hackettstown
-There will be FREE swimming at the Hackettstown Community Pool from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
-Make sure to bring your blanket and chairs to watch SING 2 starting at dusk, sponsored by the Hackettstown Recreation and the Hackettstown Business Improvement District.
-Giveaways and plenty of educational information
For more information, contact Sgt. Darren Tynan at 908-852-3302 or via email at dtynan@hackettstownpd.net.

Nancy Nancy
Aug '22

They are very fun. We use a 1500 watt rear hub drive and 48 volt battery. Also, we always have pedal assist. The controller has several different settings that can limit top speeds etc. Flat out is insane for sure. As I stated I hit 39MPH but my buddy hit 42MPH. Yikes to say the least.

I would love to get a e-scooter or e-motorcycle. I would want something with a 40-50 mile range and at least a top speed of 40 mph. I would license and insure if need but I thought it would be great fun.

The most important item to look at is the battery and it's amp hour rating. With the 48 volt we are using they have a 20Ah rating. Also, high quality is key. LG or Samsung seem to be tops. Pricey but worth every penny in the long run. He went for about 30 miles of aggressive riding and was still at 80 percent. Pedal assist that is. We have ordered some larger batteries but they are stuck in transit. Also, for us we need to look at fitment as we are doing conversions so some batteries simply are too big for the application.

Had an ebike company in 2015. Was way too early. Oh well

Aug '22

Cujf that’s a bummer. “Sons of
Pioneers are hungry men. “

Friendly mcfacex Friendly mcfacex
Aug '22

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