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What do you listen to on the inna net radio ? My free apps include audacy , iheartradio , and tunein . What do y'all like ? I like wfan for spawts talk on audacy , 70s music on iheart radio , and especially rewound radio which is awesome sauce compared to XM 60s music which has a redundant playlist .

Obviously not free but I've been a Sirius/XM subscriber since 2004 from practically the beginning. I have multiple accounts for both home and car(s). I enjoy it for the most part but I do agree some channels will repeat the playlist for sure. With that said there is such a variety I can change genre up often and not get too tired of the same stuff.

I recently stumbled onto a new channel found only on the app, SXM Live. It's all live classic rock stuff. It's great fun hearing different versions of the songs we all know. The only thing I wish they would do is in the scroll indicate the origin of that particular song.

I have not really checked out too many free apps as I have been satisfied with satellite. I assume with free apps there is a bunch of ads and other baggage to deal with no?

accuradio or streema
my fave is surf roots


I listen to XM on my Amazon devices at home, XM in the car, and XM on my phone at the beach. With 100's of channels you can listen to anything anytime including sports and news.

Another happy, long-time SiriusXM subscriber here. I also have the TuneIn app, which I very occasionally use to listen to a terrestrial station I enjoy from North Carolina (WNCW). I probably have a couple other stations "favorited" on that app, but I so rarely use it that I'm not really sure.

EDITED TO SAY: I also have a paid subscription to Apple Music, and I will listen to some of their "radio" stations every so often, as well.

Thanx . I'll have to check some of those out . No offense intended to anyone , but I had satellite for 3 years on a plug and play unit in my vehicle and in my house and the high frequencies in the music is severely lacking due to their bandwidth limitations . Any strong signal FM stereo station puts sat radio music to shame in sound quality .

Rewound radio on noon Saturday has a program called DJ Hall of Fame where they play actual radio from the 60s commercials and all . Ron Lundy on WABC (DING!) was on 4th of July weekend . WFAN NY sports on Audacy has a guide on the bottom where you can access previous programs from the past 24 hours .Sal Licata on from 2am to 5am is hilarious ranting at callers who ask stupid questions .

I have to say I really enjoy searching for radio stations world wide on I've found some pretty cool stuff around the world.

2 weeks ago

Oh man Grascal that site is so cool ! Click on a dot on the map and get the radio stations in that area .I've got the legendary Logitech Z2300 2,5 sound system on my desktop . Time to install the Creative Sound Blaster sound card that I've been delaying thinking on upgrading to a new SSD desktop . Let's rock !

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