Just an FYI for neighbors in Great Meadows this evening we saw a bobcat coming out of the woods into our back yard.....clearly saw it about 30lbs. I think he was going after birds in the feeder or chip monks in our stone row. Live on Danville Mt.

Official1 Official1
3 weeks ago

It's good to hear of a sighting. They are endangered here in NJ. It would be nice to see the population increase again.,of%20our%20state's%20endangered%20species.

Re: Bobcat

"They are endangered here in NJ"

I know right? I haven't seen one since I owned one.

Whip, my Brother in Law had one too, whereas I had the Plain JanePinto Wagons (mostly). Is that a pic of your old one? My fiirst wagon was Ginger Metallic, which looks a lot like that color, although perhaps slightly darker.

I like the mags on that one. Which engine did you have, base 2.3L 4cyl or a 2.8L V6?

Anyway, bobcats are good to see. An ecosystem without apex predators is an ailing system, as they've finally come to realize. You just have to be more mindful of your pets. I mean there are Eastern Coyotes around too.

No. Just a generic pic.
I mostly had Pintos also and one Bobcat wagon. I had a 2.0l, a couple 2.3s in the Pintos and a 2.8 in the Bobcat.

Re: Bobcat

Oh, they're around.

Honey Badger
3 weeks ago


A kindred soul I see, for a much underappreciated car. Tales of the demise of hundreds of them by explosion were untrue, though a few did. I mean, a loaded van hitting the rear of many car models of that time (at highway speeds) would cause many to do that. The precise rack and pinion steering was great, especially after I upgraded my tires to B.F. Goodrich Radial T/A P195-70R13, LOL!

Besides the idle air jet retainers sometimes vibrating loose on the Holley/Weber 5200 2BBL carb and finding that the timing belt on the 2.0L series (and 2.3L) should be replaced at 85,000 miles or so, that German-designed overhead cam engine was smooth, and would run all day at 85-90;-) When I adjusted the valves at 75,000 miles or so, the cam looked just barely broken in and nicely polished. The 2.3L with hydraulic lifters gave me issues on one car though. Wasn't a fan of the base 1.6L OHV Kent, English base engine though, even though the block is the basis for Cosworth's BDA(?) series engines.

Nice Bobcat pic Honey Badger, what section near Hackettstown was it taken at?

I was a Bobcat once, as a beginning Scout.

I actually went through a couple EGR plates under the carburetor of the 4 cylinders. Gases ate right through the stock aluminum ones and could be replaced with steel plates. Smashed many an oil pan too. lol

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